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Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 1264

FYI, some forms of female circumcision are less drastic than male circumcisions. From the World Health Organization's page on female circumcision:

Type IV — All other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for non-medical purposes, for example: pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterization.

Some of of the other types outlined by the WHO are also less drastic than you describe.

See a longer comparison of male and female circumcision here. Another interesting note from a peer-reviewed article:

There is in fact evidence that female circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection in women (Stallings and Karugendo 2005), but given Western cultural preferences it is unlikely that there will ever be clinical trials to test and confirm the possibility.

It's the same sort of factors that are being used as reasons to increase rates of male circumcision in Africa.

Comment Re:Caffeine-free coffee (Score 1) 312

Agreed. It's really hard to find a Starbucks (or pretty much any other coffee shop with decaf). Some will brew on request, others you might be stuck with a decaf americano, and the local Starbucks seems to be using these (presumably a different brand though) to brew single cups upon request.... if you call that last option brewing.

Comment Re:It's just an average-paying job (Score 2) 170

Does the first word in the phrase "starting salary" mean anything to you? I'm guessing a year or two of experience would likely help their earnings a fair bit versus someone fresh out of school.

Add that it mentions that the job "can pay in excess of $20 per hour," meaning that if the American average is $20 per hour the job can pay above the average American salary. Add in a presumably even lower cost of living in Oklahoma, and you're better off yet.

Comment Re:Stupid prosecution (Score 2) 496

If you look in the right government sources, you can find evidence of similar sorts of stuff. examples:

(I think that part of this is due to the distribution of childcare responsibilities in typical households amongst parents, but I think that it also suffices to illustrate that mothers aren't necessarily the best caregivers for there children in cases of custody issues surrounding divorce).

Comment Re:Canada? (Score 1) 212

Well, I'm seeing the press release listed in the Media Centre section of the Netflix.ca website. Not sure if that means anything or not. Has Netflix in the past limited the release of media announcements regarding US-only stuff to their US website or have they always cross-posted to netflix.ca?

Guess I'll have to wait and find out.

Comment Re:You're kidding, right? (Score 1) 2058

If my attempt at translating redneck-ese to English is correct, it sounds as though he not only had done something similar before, his son's house had previously been on fire as well.

Cranick noted that the fire department used to make exceptions for fires at residences with unpaid fees. "About three years ago in December, there was a fire up here in my boy's house, and they waived the fee till the next day. We had the thing out before they got there," he added, "but they waived the fee and I went in the next day and paid."
Since that time, however, the South Fulton government has refused to put out fires if there are no people known to be inside the structure. Cranick commented that in the past few years, "They let three, and I heard four, burn. On the other side of Union City, they let a barn burn that had horses in it."

The policy appears to be that if there are no people inside the structure, it'll burn. Firefighters won't take the risk.

Comment Re:Exercise some self-discipline and keep... (Score 1) 456

Do you really think it's self-righteous, hedonistic, and narcissistic to have sex? It's how you got here.

Live a little!

I suspect that what the original poster was getting at was a lack of casual sex / promiscuity - which takes some level of self-discipline.

Having at most one sexual partner to whom you're faithful negates the risk.

Comment Re:And that is exactly the problem (Score 1) 736

The best way to fight against extremist recruiting is to maintain low unemployment and to keep people socially engaged.

A recent study came to an opposing conclusion regarding unemployment - concluding that "unemployment is actually negatively correlated with attacks against the government and statistically unrelated to insurgent attacks against civilians"

Comment Re:Linux netbooks perfect for schools (Score 1) 833

I got one of the earlier Acer Aspire One's just a week or so ago, as I wanted an SSD and they were replacing all of those with HDDs in their newer models.

My original plan was to install Linux on the thing (which I happen to run on a regular basis on other machines), but it looks as though the hardware issues may leave me keeping XP on it. I don't want to instead Linpus, but do like some of the other distributions. However, Linux4One encountered a kernel panic just trying to boot on my system - regular Ubuntu was able to boot, but since I only have wireless access available at the moment I was unable to get online.

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