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Comment Re:I'm sorry (Score 1) 558

Those that support gun disarmament that actually have a clue are not going to contribute to this. They won't contribute to anything that will enable continued gun manufacture. In other words, they don't want guns to be safer, they want them to be gone.

Sorry, mate, but you're dreamin'.

Get rid of guns, and in 10 years, you're fighting the war against swords and knives. After that one, it's only 5 years before the war against knuckle dusters begins. Once that's ended, it's the ones with big muscles that'll have all the power.

You might as well have stopped at guns. Violence is a war that will never end as long as there is incentive for violence. Get rid of that, and every weapon ever made will be wide out of memory as well.

Comment Don't aid them. Let them fail. (Score 1) 558

Don't do it. If there's a market for this product, it will stand on it's own.

Any tool that is meant to protect you and your loved ones, but can't provide protection any longer after you're dead is a broken tool.

This is broken by design only to appease opponents who are either misguided or overzealous about a bad solution to a perceived problem, or are simply attempting to hinder your rights through obfuscation.

Don't do it.

Comment UPDATE! (Score 1) 936

There has been a recent update in this report. Officers have now stated that upon searching the woman's vehicle, they discovered an accordion. Authorities have not commented on additional charges being filed, however New Hampshire is a right to silence state, opening up the possibility of a life sentence for crimes committed with an obnoxious instrument.

Firefox 20 Will Finally Fix Private Browsing Mode 186

darthcamaro writes "Unlike every other major browser vendor, Mozilla today does not allow users to have their private mode browser window open at the same time as a regular browser window. That's now set to change. This is a flaw that has been in Bugzilla since 2008 and has been the subject of heated discussion for years."

Comment Big loss of customization. (Score 1) 1009

I tend to buy a higher end motherboard and a mid-range CPU. Unless they really go overboard on model options, I highly doubt this will be possible anymore with Intel chips being soldered to the board. For instance, if I wanted better performing or well-featured motherboard, then I would be forced to also purchase the more expensive CPU that is inextricably coupled with it instead of simply buying a less features CPU with just the amount of processing power I need.

The customer loses in this respect.

I'm also not used to swapping motherboard as often as Intel users, since AMD is much more sane in socket changes. I dislike installing motherboards.

Comment Multi-Lib Linux. (Score 1) 313

I personally favor a multi-lib Linux environment (Slackware multi-lib, currently) for my desktop. It's not that hard to set up and once you do, you get all the 32 and 64-bit libraries running seamlessly together without any conflicts. This way,you can utilize more then 3.5 (4.0) GB RAM without sacrificing your apps that haven't made the transition to 32-bit yet (looking at you, Citrix).

Comment Razor products (Score 2) 249

Razor products are just shitty. I've purchased only one item from them, a copperhead mouse, but that'll be all I ever buy. I returned that thing three times for three different problems. All of them were known issues that they just chalked up to being part of the process of owning a Razor product. Logitech gets my money now. It's a mouse that only does mouse stuff and does it well.

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