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Comment Slightly OT (Score 2) 48

I'm just going to rant about journalists stating how we "consume content". While you could argue that "This particular use of the term doesn't need to remove the thing being consumed", The term "consume" does indicate that what is consumed is no longer available, and, well, it is still available. It's not consumed, it's right there!. Perhaps try saying just about any other more accurate term such as "go through content" or "experience content"... /rant

Comment Re:"an incredibly secretive company based in Flori (Score 1) 130

Some of us have been following this for a while, and know it's got some very smart minds behind it's publicly deep pockets.
Lots of people on this thread who are just scanning the article and reacting, without doing their own research, so those of us who have are happy to share some of it here.

This is slashdot though, so we'll still get the uneducated making authoritative statements and assumptions, and the rest of slashdot trying to push what real discussion that can be had.

Comment Re:They are Hiding Device Limitations (Score 1) 130

Well we already have light blocking tech, from LCD wristwatches through to active shutter glasses, however they probably have a trade-off between how much they can block vs the relevant component size/power. So they can probably block a percentage of light, meaning if you comb through the demos you will still be able to see through such areas to a degree. How much impact this has on the experience I won't hazard a guess, however. I know that there's a ton of different visual tricks and techniques with our current rendering systems that can make many otherwise glaring issues negligible.

Comment Re:Bullshit? (Score 1) 130

Yeah, they've given no public demos.
They have given demos however, to very reputable people in the industry.
It's a different approach to other companies that are trying to get funding, but certainly seems to be working well for them.
Of course, we won't know for sure till we actually try it ourselves, but that's true of just about any product.
It seems to me that any further information they provided wouldn't mean much to their target consumers, and would both shorten their lead in whatever tech they're developing, and open the avenue on further speculation as to what they should be providing (as opposed to what they are working on actually providing) and other criticism that they don't need (assuming they got in their own NDA'd specialists for such criticism already, which is a given)
However they've promised nothing specific, and none of us (I assume) have given them any money, so I can't see anything to criticise. Meanwhile, trusted people in the industry have said it's awesome (and not professional reviewers trying to get ad revenue), and that's enough for me until I get to try it myself.

Comment Re: Awesome (Score 1) 130

That's not so tricky. You blind a person by putting too much energy (via light/radiation) into their retinal cells. Staring at the sun and lasers can do this. Ensuring your projection device doesn't have enough power to do this isn't too difficult.
There could potentially be "long term use damage" but this kind of damage is a temporary type that heals over time (though can take over a year for bad cases) And this is most likely something the user would notice as it occurred, with plenty of time to rectify.

tldr; No point worrying about it blinding you unless you're a pre-certification product tester.

Comment Re:Windowshades on the Soul (Score 1) 130

I tend to agree, I only wear sunnies because of the sun, not to look good. I buy the cheap ones :)
But I do wear them because they do something for me: polarise and block out that nasty Aussie sunlight.
I don't think the HTC Vive is remotely sexy. It's also not terribly comfortable. The image quality has plenty of room for improvement. You're tethered by an invisible cable to an invisible computer, it's a pain in the arse, but I wear that too, when I want to lose myself in tilt brush, or shoot some zombies in my house, or whatever.

Consumers may have been conditioned by corporations to consider glasses core "fashion accessories" But that has absolutely zero relevance to this discussion. We're talking here about functional devices. And glasses as functional devices we don't have any superior methods for even in concept as far as I know.

So yeah, eyes are beautiful, don't cover them if you want to look your best. On that note, lose your clothing also for the same reason.
However.... Magic Leap (and related products) aren't about fashion, they're about function.

Comment Re:If it (Score 1) 130

People say this a lot, but I still wear sunglasses whenever I'm outside, and I see a lot of other people doing the same. None of us afaik are raging against it, although irises that have dynamic built in polarization and light filtering would be nice.
Glasses are the most accepted method of modifying your vision, be it sun, near/far sighted or night vision.
To people posting comments like the above, feel free to complete your assertion by letting us know what vision products should be if not worn over your eyes..... or just stfu, you're not adding anything at all.
Previous "glasses" have failed, such as google glass. Many concept products fail, regardless of if they are glasses. Many glasses products succeed, such as, well, this'll be a long list that goes from HTC Vive through to Oakleys, and probably further. Claiming Google Glasses failed because they were glasses is borderline imbecilic - there's a whole hell of a lot more to it than that. Google "google glass failure" you'll learn a little bit.
Perhaps you're right though, the global eyewear market isn't that big: (excerpt: In 2013, the market value of the global eyewear market amounted to 90.3 billion U.S. dollars.)

Just realised I'm replying to an AC, usually wouldn't bother, but now I've written it....

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