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Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 204

Call me an idiot, but if programming something that needs to be secure in PHP, you simply don't rely on the default equality comparator. It's there for simpler noncritical issues where it's behaviour is expected. So yeah, working around the "fundamental language defects" is something unfortunately most (all?) programmers need to do regardless of language. Adding better tools can only help.

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

Anything that convinces the console players to give it up or at least get a keyboard and mouse for their, err, computing device is a good thing.

Well of course, best would be to give all console users keyboard and mouse so they can play better, but that would require console manufacturers to all get coordinated, and make future development of all console games need to accommodate multiple input systems. More likely to get verification of controllers for consoles than full keyboard and mouse support, but we can hope :)
(Also, I am somewhat biased, always been a PC gamer, purely because consoles don't have mouse and keyboard)

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

So you'd have him remove the benefits set for console players due to assumed controller use, and assume they all have a mouse and keyboard and tune play for this? ....Then all the regular console players - the vast majority - will have a degraded gameplay experience... which means many will play something else.
He's saying that consoles either need to make it possible to know what inputs are being used (fair enough) so that keyboard+mouse can be detected and handled properly, or removed, so it doesn't need to be worried about, or everyone needs access to the same.
The whole idea behind console gaming is that the hardware is fixed. You build a game for PS4 you know the exact hardware specs. You build a game for PC that's a different story, and thus there's no aim assist stuff on PC, as it's PC users all have access to keyboard+mouse.
Now I know you're ignore this post, or argue with it, but you are also clearly one of those console owners who are terrible at overwatch and want to buy an advantage (via better hardware controllers). I'd say if you want a rewarding game, get a PC if you prefer mouse+keyboard. If you can't play without your unfair advantage, stick to console with k+m.

Comment Re: The point (Score 1) 532

Thoroughly-debunked urban legend? Then why zero attribution or links to any debunking at all? Cause unless you provide that, you're simply having an unsupported opinion, which we'll all ignore. Saying something doesn't make it so, 'specially on the interwebs. (Also, please don't reply to this with american data - we're discussing australia here)

Comment Re: The point (Score 1) 532

We're talking about Australia here. Having lived in both the USA and Australia for over a decade each, let me assure you, the healthcare systems and government approaches are nothing at all alike. Citing statistics from the US health care system has zero relevance here.

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

What will happen? People addicted to nicotiene who can't afford it will cut costs on other things so they can: First any luxuries, then social outings, then children. All around them suffer. Perhaps an approach might be investigating a way to address the addiction, etc, rather than just saying "That chemical you're addicted to is bad for you, and while you can't function without it, we'll jack the prices up to ridiculous amounts, rather than work on the problem. This does help prevent as many new smokers from starting, but isn't 100% there either, and it ensures all those who do smoke are suffering twice as much, and their families also. I vape now, have been for about a decade. Can't get off the nicotiene, but I can avoid 99% of the health and lifestyle issues. How about focusing on medicine and technology to solve the problem rather than just taxing it harder and harder.

Comment Slightly OT (Score 2) 48

I'm just going to rant about journalists stating how we "consume content". While you could argue that "This particular use of the term doesn't need to remove the thing being consumed", The term "consume" does indicate that what is consumed is no longer available, and, well, it is still available. It's not consumed, it's right there!. Perhaps try saying just about any other more accurate term such as "go through content" or "experience content"... /rant

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