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Submission + - Hubblecasts - providing cool stuff from the HST

kasparn writes: The ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has through 17 years now provided us with the best and most magnificent optical and near-infrared imagery of a wide range of stars, nebulae, planets, galaxies etc. Now a so-called Hubblecast is available providing a very need presentation of the exploration of distant galaxies using the HST and it is narrated by a German astronomer going under the name "Dr. J". One of the cool things I in particular like is the ability to download the Hubblecast in various (very) good qualities. I personally think that it's crucial that professional astronomers themselves actually participate in producing outreach material of this kind, since so much science is going on and non-astronomers only get to know very little of all the exciting new discoveries and beautiful images.

Submission + - An open letter to Steve Jobs: Drop DRM in iTunes.

Max Romantschuk writes: "In the wake of the recent EU stance on digital music and consumer lock-in, political pressure finally seems to be building up against DRM. Steve Jobs even claimed that he prefers DRM-free music. The EFF's campaign has written an open letter to Steve Jobs. This excerpt pretty much sums it up: "It has been three weeks now since you published your pledge to drop DRM, and there have been many responses from commentators who have outlined actions you could take to back up your words. The fact that you have not taken any action leads us to ask the question: How genuine is your pledge?"

Help the EFF fight DRM. Sign the letter and let Mr Reality Distortion Field know that you care about DRM-free music."

Feed Gallery: How to Vaporize Pot (

Munch ice-cream nachos, watch Adult Swim and listen to Rush, all while sparing your lungs. Resident experimentalist Michael Calore explores the wonders of the vaporizer's smokeless high.

The Internet

Submission + - Citizendium: building a better Wikipedia

Encylopedia Internetica writes: Ars Technica is running a feature on Citizendium, Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger's attempt to build an online knowledge repository that avoids some the 'serious and endemic problems' Sanger has seen with Wikipedia. His decision to launch Citizendium came as a result of the issue with John Seigenthaler's Wikipedia entry. 'Sanger had hoped that Wikipedia would clean up its act, and he was all but certain that the encyclopedia would eventually put an expert review system in place. After Seigenthaler's call, Sanger found the Wikipedia community's response "completely unacceptable" and concluded that they were no longer able to change in important ways.' The feature also looks at the Citizendium 'expert' system as well as the editing and article approval process.

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