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Comment Re:that's some nice rationalizations there (Score 1) 154

Not true. I've heard of voting machine attacks where the compromised voting machine will accept a person's ballot, print out a paper copy asking for verification. Now normally if there's an error, the person can go back and void that paper copy and re-vote. However, with this attack, the voter will verify the paper ballot, the machine will tell the voter that everything is done, and then after a few seconds the machine will go back, void the ballot, change a candidate, and print a new paper ballot. Everything looks fine and official, and nobody could ever tell something went wrong, though both the machine and the paper trail have both been cheated. Doing this attack on only a few percent of the votes wouldn't set off any warning signs for anyone looking at the votes after the fact, but would be enough to throw an election.

I don't think there's any way that e-voting can be secure than plain paper voting.

Comment Variable Screencount (Score 1) 503

I'm surprised to see "variable" at such a low percentage (4% right now). I've got a laptop as my main computer, which I do have an extra screen for at home, but I also do a lot of my work *not* at home, leaving me with the one built-in laptop screen. Are there really so few people with good-quality laptops that they can use as a main computer here?

Submission + - Monster marauders: Attackers grab customer info, e (

Billosaur writes: "From the Boston Herald comes word of an attack on the web site where the attackers somehow gained access to approximately 1.6 million user records. Apparently the attackers used stolen recruiter/company passwords to glean information from user résumés. According to sources, the information may have been "limited to job seekers' names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses." Phishing attacks, bearing Monster's logo and containing the stolen personal information have apparently already been launched, trying to get users to install a Trojan disguised as a job seeker tool."

Submission + - Perfect 10 sues MIcrosoft for stealing porn (

edmicman writes: "Ars Technica is reporting that adult publisher Perfect 10 is suing Microsoft, saying that the MSN/Windows Live search engine infringes on copyright by returning thumbnails of and links to sites hosting Perfect 10's images. Does this sound familiar? In 2004, they tried the same thing against Google. Google was eventually found to be within the bounds of fair use."

Submission + - DUI Defendant Wins Right to Source Code

freshman_a writes: The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in favor of a man, charged with a DUI, who claimed he needed the source code to the Intoxilyzer 5000EN to fight charges in court. From an article at the Pioneer Press:

"That's the gist of the decision, that it's discoverable," said Underdahl's attorney, Jeffrey Sheridan, of Eagan. "The problem is, the manufacturer of the thing thinks they can hold it back and not tell anybody how it works. For all we know, it's a random number generator."

Submission + - AT&T Removes anti-Bush Lyrics From Webcast (

Walter Wart writes: "AT&T removed the lyrics ""George Bush, leave this world alone." and "George Bush find yourself another home." from Pearl Jam's Lollapalooza broadcast. AT&T claims that its content monitor had done so "by mistake". This has serious implications for political expression in an increasingly corporatized Internet. Pearl Jam said that it highlights the need for Net neutrality."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - iD and Valve violating GPL

frooge writes: With the recent release of iD's catalog on Steam, it appears DOSBox is being used to run the old DOS games for greater compatibility. According to a post on the forums, however, this distribution does not contain a copy of the GPL license that DOSBox is distributed under, which violates the license. According to the DOSBox developers, they were not notified that it was being used for this release.

Submission + - Team to Use PS3,YDL in DARPA Urban Challenge

fistfullast33l writes: "While the PS3's Linux distribution has taken some hits for running inside a hypervisor that limits access to some hardware, the Axion Racing team has announced they will be using a PS3 running Yellow Dog Linux in their entry for the DARPA Urban Challenge in November 2007. "We felt having cars drive themselves was getting a little too easy, so we threw the Sony PlayStation into our bag of tricks," joked Bill Kehaly, Axion Racing's team leader. The PS3 will be in charge of examining information from an RGB road finding camera, and will be utilizing the Cell processor's multithreading capabilities to do so."

Submission + - Ready to Apply for Video Game Programmer Job? (

Jill Duffy writes: "This article gives a great checklist for people who want to apply for a job as a video game programmer and explains why each is important. Game Programmer's Pre-Job Application Checklist 1. Fluency in C++ 2. Knowledge of basic linear 3D algebra 3. Sample code, preferable the code to a completed and playable game (more on this below) and its executable 4. Team experience of some kind 5. An impeccable and up-to-date resume that can be tailored to each position applied for 6. Face-to-face experience with a real life game developer"

Submission + - By 2048 all seafood species projected to collapse (

Undead_Kangaroo writes: "Boris Worm, an Assistant Professor in Marine Conservation Biology at the Biology Department of Dalhousie University in Halifax is reporting that as of last year, 29% of fish and seafood species had collapsed, that is, their catch had declined by 90%, and that all fish and seafood species were projected to collapse by 2048. This finding was reported in the 3 November issue of the journal Science."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony CEO admits PS3 too expensive (

Raver32 writes: "You know the PlayStation 3 costs too much, I know the PlayStation 3 costs too much, but now — finally — Sony CEO Howard Stringer has admitted the PlayStation 3 costs too much. Speaking towards the end of last week with the Financial Times Stringer admitted, "Nintendo Wii has been a successful enterprise, and a very good business model, compared with ours . . . because it's cheaper (*cough* — Gordon). That [price cuts] is what we are studying at the moment. That's what we are trying to refine.""
Media (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone gets a better battery life and more

morpheus83 writes: Talk about last minute upgrades: In a press release today, Apple has revealed a number of significant upgrades to both the iPhone's battery life and touch screen. Instead of around 5 hours of video/talk and 16 hours of audio playback, Apple has updated the iPhone's battery life rating to the following numbers: up to 8 hours talk time, a whopping 250 hours of standby (over 10 days), 6 hours of internet use, 7 hours of video playback and 24 hours of audio playback. The original 3.5" plastic surface of the iPhone has been changed to "optical-quality" glass, which should bring some smiles to those who were concerned about the durability of the phone's primary feature and user interface.

Submission + - Judge Orders FBI to Release Abuse Records (

Spamicles writes: "A judge has ordered the FBI to release agency records about its abuse of National Security Letters (NSLs) to collect Americans' personal information. The ruling came just a day after the EFF urged the judge to immediately respond in its lawsuit over agency delays. This is the same case in which an internal FBI audit found that the bureau potentially violated the law or agency rules more than 1,000 times while collecting data about domestic phone calls, e-mails and financial transactions in recent years."

Submission + - School offers humiliating awards to students (

RickRussellTX writes: "Teachers in a Decatur, IN elementary school awarded dubious titles such as 'Sir Clowns-a-Lot' and 'Most Likely Not To Have Children' to an embarrassed sixth grader in front of his classmates. Although I can imagine an environment where 'Sir Clowns-a-Lot' would be considered good-natured ribbing, I can't imagine making light of a sixth-grader's reproductive prospects. Predictably, the school system has clammed up and will only say that they 'regret the incident.'"

Submission + - Yahoo censors Flickr images in Germany (

janoc writes: Apparently not only China is censoring Flickr. Flickr has recently introduced filters to filter out images deemed inappropriate. Unfortunately, the filters are now forced also on the German users (together with Singaporeans and Korean users). Photos marked "moderate" or "restricted" are invisible even to their own authors if they happen to be in one of the restricted countries. However, users from elsewhere can still see them just fine if they disable the "Safe search" feature in preferences — this option is not available to Germans anymore. There is a large discussion about this issue going on here: link.

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