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Comment Re:It's lacking the most basic cognitive functions (Score 2, Interesting) 272

Instead of trying to get NELL to "un-learn" something, I would see if weighted metrics could be applied to multiple tags for an individual record. As the "learning" progressed the weights would favor a particular categorization, but others would still be on record.

  So Klingons as an "Ethnic Group" would end up with a lower metric than Klingons as a "Fictional Alien Species" or "Humanoids" or "animal with bilateral symmetry", etc..

      The weighting mechanism could be as simple as an integer hit count in NELL's matching logic. I couldn't get to the article to read the details so I would guess that the code operates as a neural network at some level, so allowing the creation of weighted links should be do-able.

Comment Elevated trains??? (Score 1) 371

Pretty sure Chicago's elevated trains were considered efficient and innovative when they were built too.
Why does that design or metropolitan monorail concepts need to THIS drastically "re-imagined"?
Designs like this are where art meets engineering in a head on collision.

The only advantage I see to this design over elevated trains like Chicago's, Taipae's, and Bangkok's is that it does not require the permanent structures to hold the tracks and platforms throughout the city. Perhaps that would make maintenance on the rails easier.

Pedestrians can still walk in front of the moving supports though so I see that as that a serious disadvantage and fails to eliminate a physical barrier within the city.

I also really like the old German Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Comment Re: Studies! (Score 0) 364

Obviously we need a whole bunch more studies.
And a commission, I think.

And then more statistics and some charts.
Where's Ross Perot's campaign team when your need them?!!

I think its pretty obvious at this point that only motorcycles and bicycles should be allowed on any roads.
Cup holder technology will have to be completely re-engineered.

Comment ludicrous (Score 0) 380

This seems ludicrous. I can't imagine a fleet of ships being able to harness enough energy with current power sources to affect a temperature change to billions of tons of ocean water whether by circulation or thermal exchange of some sort.

Disrupting the atmospheric currents of a tropical depression BEFORE it forms a cyclone seems much more manageable.

I believe there have been a few proposals for doing just this with supersonic aircraft orbiting the eye of potential or existing hurricanes. The coordinated positions of the shock waves on the eye wall would theoretically disrupt the rotation of the storm. Far less energy would be required to form an interference pattern in the rotation that to super heat or pump water from ocean depths.

A patent application filed by Prof. Arkadii Leonov and his colleagues: Another:

Of course, we've all seen this work with alien probes visiting trying to talk to whales.

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