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Comment Re:S773 'Cybersecurity' Bill is unconstitutional. (Score 1) 173

Nope, you're wrong. Your statement is based on an assumption that "cyberspace" is somehow its own entity, completely distinct from anything that might be mentioned in the Constitution. But it's no such thing, any more the airwaves used to broadcast television and radio signals, which the FTC has had the ability to regulate for nearly as long as such signals have existed.

Comment More serious design problem here (Score 5, Insightful) 178

This is masking a more serious design problem. A game designed for use with the Wiimote should have a setting that allows the game to be played either left- or right-handed, so as to not exclude anyone. Presumably the player's actions match up to the avatar's (in this case, Link's). Therefore, it should be possible to make Link either left- or right-handed, within the game.

The fact that this isn't possible is troubling for the prospect of lefties being able to play this game the same way righties can.

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