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Comment Re:Sounds funky but (Score 1) 131

I expect the developers of this put each "window" on it's own screen, or set a number pf screens, and let the windows play around in there.

Nope. It's just a plain X server. No window manager. On my Motorola DROID (original) I was able to run xterm. I used connect bot to ssh to my Debian box, set the DISPLAY environment variable to the IP address (WiFi) of my phone and ran xterm. The X Server app acts like any other app in switching back to it and the xterm just sat there in the top left of the screen. Touching and swiping just move the mouse cursor. There's no window manager, so you have to move the cursor over the app you want to have focus (can't type in the xterm unless the cursor is somewhere over it ala 'hover focus') and I haven't tried more than just the one xterm yet. I did try to run fvwm from the Debian box with the -display switch but crashed the X Server app.

Anyhow, it's not X clients split up on different screens or anything as fancy as that. It's an implementation of the X server on Android. You get a basic desktop area or whatever the traditional X11 term is and not even so much as window decorations.

Also to the op question of "why" I downloaded it and checked it out "just because." Having an SSH client is useful enough. I played around with one of the VNC clients also but just enough to decide it was cool but not very useful to me, this X Server will probably fall into the same category for me.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 152

Imagine being able to observe a flock of birds on a migratory route as part of the flock!

That reminded me of the guy with an ultra-light airplane dressed up to sorta look a bit like a goose. I can't remember if he was working with geese that for some reason or other didn't know what their migration route should be or if he was just studying an existing flock.

Comment Re:What "stuff is for" (Score 1) 212

What's scary is that people are starting to believe that a manufacturer is perfectly within their rights to limit what you can and cannot do with your stuff after you've bought it from them.

I walked into a conversation about PS3 jail-breaking and asked how a hammer manufacturer can limit my use of the hammer I purchased. Should I have to purchase a framing hammer, a roofing hammer, a birdhouse hammer, etc.? I completely gave up on the idea of ever having a serious conversation with those coworkers when the consensus was yes, the hammer manufacturer could tell me that I can only build birdhouses with some specific hammer that I purchased and if I want to build a porch I would have to buy at least two other hammers.

Comment Re:Thank you. (Score 1) 465

Submitter wants files to be sent to the trash and thus still be available for easy restoration, but not right there under the user's nose tempting them to empty the trash.

An icon which doesn't change? That's not what he's describing.

Exactly. I also didn't say anything about an unchanging icon.

He's saying get rid of the icon on the desktop, but keep the function of keeping "deleted" files. That way an overly tidy user doesn't just empty the trash all the time and the help desk can help them get back "deleted" files when they need to.

He is saying that when users see a full trash can they want to empty it. There is no point to having a trash can if it is emptied as soon as something is put in it. His solution was to remove the icon from the desktop. This way users can still delete files and either be unaware of the trash can's existence, or at least be able to more easily ignore it, since it is not on the desktop "right under their nose" as I said.

Other than the last few words I completely agree with your original post. He doesn't want an incinerator that would destroy files immediately. He wants it to work exactly as it does, but without the icon on the desktop reminding anal users that there is trash waiting to be taken out.

Comment Re:Thank you. (Score 2) 465

What the submitter wants is a garbage chute that the users can throw files in and not be bothered by a trash can that they can see. (Actually a garbage chute for each user... not like one shared in an apartment building.)

Maybe you're right and only a few overly anal people compulsively empty their trash cans, or maybe the submitter is right and this affects most computer users.

Either way, I just wanted to point out that he's not asking for an incinerator: which would destroy files immediately. Submitter wants files to be sent to the trash and thus still be available for easy restoration, but not right there under the user's nose tempting them to empty the trash.

Comment Re:Did you copy their code? (Score 2) 290

IANAL... not legal advice... etc.

(patent) Even if the game rules of Tetris were patented, that would have expired by now.

(copyright) I remember Scrabble clones having problems because they copied the game board too closely, used the same layout, colors or fonts or something. This might be a problem here... maybe not.

(trademark) The strongest argument they (Tetris IP owners) probably have is that the name is too similar and refers to a video game.

So, pull it down, rename it and put it back up.

Comment Re:Sad ... (Score 3, Informative) 48

Wait, what?

"I see play episode as:" followed by a combo box with three different formats to choose from: flv, ogg and mp4.

Also, off to the right is "Files and Links." I expanded that and right clicked on the ogg links and am downloading about 5 videos now. I plan to watch them with totem.

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