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Comment Re:WOW! (Score 1) 93

What the dashcam world needs is this:

I envision a dash cam system that has two modes:

Normal operation is "record to disk" and then you can recover the video later off the disk.
Panic operation is "Dump recorded data to an 'offsite' server over high speed cellular data as well as start streaming current video to same server".

That means you've got your day to day stuff recorded, but in the event you get pulled over by an asshole cop who decided to swipe the memory card out of your dash cam after he pulls you out of your car and tasers you for resisting arrest.

Comment Re:Well, you were dumb enough (Score 1) 92

That's why phishers either send out very generic messages (from "The Bank") or messages from the big banks (BoA, Chase, etc). The majority of the recipients will say "I don't have a [BoA|Chase|Citi] account" and discard it. Among those who do have an account, most of them will throw away the message as a phish. All it takes is 1 user to fall for it to make the whole effort worthwhile.

I get email from my bank all the time, so I wouldn't immediately disregard it as a fish. However, I *never* click on the link from the email. Open up a new browser tab, directly enter, and go from there.

Same reason that should you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from a bank (or your specific bank), you call them back on their published customer service number.

Comment Re:Lesson: Licensing costs suck (Score 2) 286

I virtualized a Windows system a few years ago via Parallels Workstation. Application A ran on the host machine under server 2008. Application B ran on the virtualized machine under server 2008 as well. Application A talked to B and vice versa. *Every* problem with either application was immediately blamed on the virtualization. And a good portion of any other network problem in general was blamed on that one virtualized system. There was one afternoon where the satellite we were using decided to lose lock and go for a spin and before anyone even bothered to look at the spectrum analyzer, they called me and said "There's something wrong with Vipersat, are you sure it isn't that virtualization stuff you're doing?"

Comment Re:Or, you could not drink yourself into Oblivion (Score 1) 167

I've never understood this either. My sister used to go out on Friday night, come home drunk and promptly throw up all over the place and wake up with a nuclear hangover, swear that she'll never do it again and then go right the fuck back out the following Friday and rinse & repeat.

I *loathe* vomiting. I really don't like the idea of going home with a random skank from a bar and "going to bed at 2am with a 10 and waking up at 10am with a 2". One of the reasons I never went to college, I didn't want to be roommates with some fratbastard who I'd have to come get or muck out the stall after he deposited a fifth of Yaeger and a pizza onto the floor.

Comment Re:IP6 addresses are a pain (Score 1) 327

That's this biggest bullshit excuse I've heard in my life, and I've heard it on multiple occasions both for forward and reverse DNS.

What does tell you about a device? Not a damn thing.
What does tell you? Jack and shit, other than it *might* be a loopback address.
How about Sure, its a switch. Maybe. It might be an ethernet switch. It might be a remote power unit. It might be an Asterisk based softswitch. Or it might be someone's IPv6 enabled light switch. Again, jack-point-shit. You'd still have to do a portscan of some sort against it to see what it is and if your admin is worth a shit, that won't get you anything either.

And DNS has no safeguards? Built in? Sure, no more or no less than any other protocol, but my DNS servers that serve the zones are 1) Firewalled off from the outside world. 2) Also told to ignore anything not coming from an address inside my network. Now, if you're sniffing around from inside my network, I've got bigger problems, but problems that I can solve with a pair of wirecutters or a baseball bat.

Comment Re:Doesn't add up (Score 1) 198

Wiring a delay between the compressor start and outdoor blower would be trivial and thermostats with even a small amount of smarts delay starting the indoor airhandler a few seconds after the outdoor unit starts. But, no matter how you slice it, a motor just starting up is effectively "Stalled" and draws a crap load of inrush current. There's designs to reduce that a bit, but they're expensive to build.

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