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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 376

Desktop architect here with a user base of 350ish.

We've deployed 60 Surface Pro 4s this year to DRP folks with docks for their desks and VPN capabilities for home. We've seen our helpdesk volume bump up expectedly as a result, but have yet to see that normalize. My feelings for the Surface Pro 4 are still a bit 'meh', I was gung-ho to buy one for myself at the beginning of the year, but after using one professionally for the last 8 months and deploying the rest to other users, I went with a traditional laptop instead. Too many flashy features for an enterprise device and I'm not a fan of flashy features for my personal devices.

And I wasn't even logged in. The above is my comment.

Comment Re:Why not remove the screen too (Score 2) 675

Or the headphone jack!

When asked if it’s "inconsistent" for the MacBook Pro to retain the traditional headphone jack (another widely-used connector that Apple has dropped from the iPhone) Schiller says that professionals still need that on a laptop for other types of audio gear that doesn't work wirelessly.

Did Phill miss that there was a dongle for that?

He adds that he’s been surprised by the criticism, but says the decision to only use Thunderbolt ports was a "bold risk" and Apple will "help people through these changes."

He also forgot to mention how they were going to help: By providing expensive dongles at a high margin.

Comment Re:FOIA requests (Score 1) 268

Did you read even the summary?

Clinton replied, "Let's get [a] separate address or device but I don't want any risk of the personal [e-mail] being accessible."

Though the bigger question is why would Clinton be using her employer's email system for personal emails? Here in the private sector that is explicitly forbidden in every employee handbook I've ever read.

Comment Why stop with snapchat? (Score 1) 496

They should sue the car manufacturer for making a car that could go 107MPH.
The DOT for making a road that is decent enough for a car to travel 107MPH.
The cell company for allowing connections to their cell towers while the user is traveling 107MPH.
The phone maker for not detecting that the car was traveling 107MPH.
The police for not pulling him over before he crashed into their car while traveling at 107MPH.

Snapchat is only the tip of the iceberg here.

Comment Nanny state alert! (Score 5, Insightful) 556

"I have concern about a PlayStation that my grandchildren might use," she said, "and a predator getting on the other end, and talking to them, and it's all encrypted. I think there really is reason to have the ability, with a court order, to be able to get into that."

If you are so worried about a predator talking to your grandchildren through the Playstation network, why are they using it unsupervised?

Take care of your own problems, don't make the government do it for you.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

Comcast themselves have even admitted



Why are you trialing usage-based billing?

The Internet ecosystem is changing constantly and we decided back in May 2012 to replace our static 250GB usage threshold with more flexible data usage management approaches that offer more choice, flexibility and fairness for all customers. Customers can choose to use as much Internet as they want, and those who choose to use more pay more, while those who use less can pay less. The vast majority of ISPs, large and small, have some version of data usage plans in place.

You are right, when everyone is using the pipe at the same time, there will be degradation. So why not charge for internet access like electricity? Make it cheaper during non-peak hours and convert to fully usage-based billing. No flat fee for access, or at most a very small one.

To answer my own question here with part of your comment: it would be really confusing to customers.

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