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Comment Re:List of reasons for Universal Basic Income (Score 1) 508

Who pays for it? In your example above 20% of people "work". So each worker has to pay enough tax to cover 5 people (he gets a basic income too). Assuming a 50% tax, is a farmer making 10x the basic income level realistic? Let's say business taxes pay for the roads, overhead, police, universal medical, schools, etc.

Comment This is neither Universal nor Basic. (Score 4, Insightful) 508

"A single person could receive up to about $17,000 a year, minus half of any income he or she earns. A couple could receive up to $24,000 per year. People with disabilities could receive up to $6,000 more per year."

If different people get different amounts based on disabilities or marital status then it's not universal.

If you get less depending on how much you make then it's not basic.

This is welfare. Try again, Canada.

Comment Why is this about security? (Score 4, Insightful) 470

Why is everyone focusing on security with this whole private email server? Sure, security was a problem but that's not why she made her own email server. It was made to bypass public records laws. By having their own email server they can retain or destroy whatever they want and fulfill records requests with whatever they deem fit. The IRS was their role model :-). It's about control, not security. Her and her administration should be tried for that first.

Comment Re:It's all fun and games... (Score 2) 61

Yes, I'm worried about this too. I see the harassment, bullying and stalking within Ingress also. Even physical threats. This is not Call of Duty and the same taunting is not appropriate here. Your map is the real world and you'll meet real people in real life. Some people can't reconcile real harm part with the fact that they're competing over virtual objects.

I am hoping that they learned a bit for Pokemon and it's not going to be a game about controlling turf or even teams, because that's just a recipe for disaster with kids.

Niantic really really needs to up their customer support for this. Right now there is none. Complaints about cheating, harassment, bad portals, etc all go into a black hole right now.

Comment Mod parent up! (Score 1) 365

Exactly right. Just means there aren't any level III civilizations. Personal opinion is that they're not possible or feasible or there will be a better way than harnessing galaxies once you get to that knowledge level. We really have no idea how a level III civilization might work or look.

Comment Re:Scotch (Score 1) 361

I think you mean barley, although some variants have wheat or rye in them. Anyhow, there is no GMO barley (outside the lab), same for wheat or rye unless that's changed since I got my info last year.

Comment Re:What Eric Holder says is irrelevant (Score 1) 194

Exactly. Even if Holder is earnest and really means to get Snowden home safely, he will either be up on some other charge by some other agency (state level? civil?) or a short time from now the administration changes or someone with enough pull gets around Holder's decision or otherwise influences him to change his mind.
tl/dr; He can never come home.

Comment It will come down to economics. (Score 1) 597

Will it be cheaper to buy 20-40% more batteries (or solar panels) or convert all your appliances? I suspect batteries will be far cheaper. But yes, I do know the importance of not converting. We spend a lot of time in the wilderness in our travel trailer and it really matters then. However, don't underestimate the loss with DC over the distance of a house. It won't be 20-40%, but 10% maybe...

Comment ...and adults too. (Score 3, Insightful) 616

I'm one of those who is allergic to eggs and have to be very careful about vaccines, so you may be putting me at danger too.
Many vaccines have egg protein in them, and so do flu shots. Over the years I have managed to get most vaccines, but it's hard. On paper there are egg-free vaccines and it's easy to google up an article announcing the exciting new development of an egg-free vaccine for xxx. But in real life they are expensive, have short shelf lives, a very limited market, and nobody keeps records about where I might find some. Which means they're pretty much not available outside of a major metropolis, and even then it takes luck and a lot of phone calls.

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