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Submission + - US Supreme Court upholds removal of works from Pub ( 2

langelgjm writes: While much of the web is focused on the SOPA and PIPA blackout, supporters of the public domain today quietly lost a protracted struggle that began back in 2001.The Supreme Court, in a 6-2 decision, rejected the argument that Congress did not have the power to convey copyright upon works that were already in the public domain. The suit was originally filed to challenge provisions that the U.S. adopted when signing the TRIPs agreement. Justices Breyer and Alito dissented, arguing that conveyed copyright on already existing works defied the logic of copyright law. Justice Kagan recused herself. The text of the opinions is available here (PDF).

Submission + - Soulskill Defies Blackout (

Mateo_LeFou writes: "Slashdot editor Soulskill surprised many today by breaking through metaphorical strike lines and so on, posting a bunch of news stories on a day when the technology community, generally speaking, was pretty well agreed that this is a wholly inappropriate thing to do"

Comment Re:Let's bring everyone on the same page (Score 1) 1505

You hit the nail on the head.

The judge is an idiot.

He's in a country where the hospitals are REQUIRED to treat the sick, regardless of their insurance status.

A law requiring insurance is only logical, and fair.

Those are State Laws, and should be dealt with on a State level.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 1505

RomneyCare is a State making the decision, wholly Constitutional. Obamacare is the federal government declaring this, completely un-Constitutional. The difference here is that the Constitution does not enumerate a power that grants the federal government the ability to force you to buy health insurance, but it does not stop states from doing so.


Submission + - Easy to use CMS

Darth Eggbert writes: I'm in the process of creating a website that is a searchable database of local bands and small venues, and I'm looking for a good CMS to help me with access controls for editing, commenting, etc. I'm looking for something that is reasonably easy to set up, light weight, and does not require a lot of server side support. I have a reasonably good understanding of the database, but I know almost nothing about setting up a good access manager. I have looked into Drupal, Joomla, and Xoops, but they all seem like overkill for me. I haven't worked with PHP or MySQL before, but I have a decent Java programming experience. I currently don't have time to create a CMS and access manager from scratch. My host supports Perl, PHP 5.2.12 and MySQL 4.1.14, and since it is free I would rather not change.

Submission + - Agent sells man's house in scam fraud

ALdin writes: Imagine this scenario.. you are abroad, and you incidentally find out that your agent has been scammed to sell your house and give the money away to someone impersonating you!! This happened in Perth, Australia. The poor guy had to drop everything and fly back home to save his other house from the same fate.
read more:

Submission + - Playing Software Developer Hot Potato (

jammag writes: Most developers have worked with "the difficult developer," the coder who nobody wants work with. A veteran development manager talks about developer hot potato — the process by which that person bounces from team to team, making no one happy. Headaches galore happen while everyone waits for the inevitable semi-meltdown, the pissed-off clients, the cubicle clashes. The problem is that, short of actually firing the developer, how do you deal with them? Maybe more important, how do you keep them off your team?

Submission + - China Explores a Frontier Two Miles Under the Sea (

pickens writes: The NY Times reports that earlier this summer when three Chinese scientists descended more than two miles in a craft the size of a small truck and planted their nation’s flag on the dark seabed, they signaled Beijing's intention to take the lead in exploring remote and inaccessible parts of the ocean floor which are rich in oil, minerals and other resources that the Chinese would like to mine. "They're in it for a penny and a pound," says Dr. Don Walsh, a pioneer of deep-ocean diving. "It's a very deliberate program." The global seabed is littered with what experts say is trillions of dollars' worth of mineral nodules as well as many objects of intelligence value: undersea cables carrying diplomatic communications, lost nuclear arms, sunken submarines and hundreds of warheads left over from missile tests. The small craft that made the trip — named Jiaolong, after a mythical sea dragon — is meant to go as deep as 7,000 meters, or 4.35 miles, edging out the current global leader but China is moving cautiously, its dives going deeper in increments. "They're being very cautious," Walsh adds. "They respect what they don't know and are working hard to learn."

Comment Re:So we are going to bicker over 3 billion? (Score 1) 245

Sometimes you have to let something die in order to make something greater. If a bank can't survive because it made bad loans, let it go. If it crashes the economy for a while, we will learn from the experence. Maybe we will learn a very important leasson about risk vs. reward. The problem is we wont learn this leason. The leasson we will learn today is "Daddy Government will make it all better... for now."

I wonder why everyone thinks we have "Rights" to physical things. All "Rights" are effemeral; life, liberty, justice, freedom, religion. Nobody has a "right" to a job, money, food, shelter, or medicine. Physical things are needs and wants, not "Rights". Needs and wants need to be supplied by the person, or by charity freely given, and in a socity where their "Rights" are protected they are Free to do so.

Darth Eggbert

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