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Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 146

Certainly not, now it's very obvious that you're a corporate shill/fanboy

Ouch, you wound me. Nope, neither, just someone who has used the service and actually knows what they are talking about, and not an "internet expert" such as yourself.

You have to live within designated service areas, which means being very close to the server to start with. There are people in the US who can't even get service yet, let alone "anywhere in the world". As I fire it up on my local 100 Mbps Fiber connection somewhere in the world, I'm told "We've detected a high latency connection and cannot proceed". My ping to the ISP is under 10 ms. You're so full of it your eyes are brown.

OnLive no longer restricts signups by service area. As far as I know, this was only true during the beta. I believe the way they handle it now is they allow anyone to sign up for a free account, but will bounce you if you can't connect within a certain time period.

Obviously I haven't tried everywhere, but I used the little OnLive console in a hotel on a vacation trip to Mexico and it worked fine.

Is this the same ISP you mentioned earlier as the one with the constant disconnects and bad latency to game servers? Now it's a 100 Mbs Fiber connection? Man, you seriously need a better ISP - one that has better peering agreements with backbones.

If you were to actually form opinions from research rather than your own preconceptions, perhaps those opinions would have basis in fact and thus hold more validity. All you can really fall back on is "This service sucks because I am an expert and it can't possibly work". Followed by "Anyone who disagrees with me is a fanboy and/or a shill". Next you'll be breaking Godwin's law. There is no need for ad hominem attacks because someone disagrees with your opinions by using facts.

As others in this topic and elsewhere have said: OnLive works fine, within its limitations.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 146

How many times has onlive changed their payment plans in the last 6 months?

Zero times.

How about the last week?

Also zero times. This "news" is a bit stale, but they recently added a new monthly plan to play a smaller list of available games on an unlimited basis. The base package still carries no monthly fees, but it does have one-time "unlocking" fees for each game to either rent short-term or longer-term (which I agree isn't the same as BUYING them, since you depend on this service for access).

This is just another desperate attempt for them to try and drum up business for a service which really has no market. The "game reviewers who will sit next door with a 100 MB fiber connection and give you a glorifying review" segment isn't that large.

Ah, yes. The ubiquitous "This can nevar work unless you are In teh Servar room! IR expart on such tings!" post whenever OnLive is brought up. It works fine on a residential DSL connection. Would I play a tournament-level game of COD on it? No. But it works just fine for everyday use with a wide variety of games.

With an increasing number of ISPs decreasing their caps, inconsistent service, and the slightest hiccup breaking a game,

Sounds like you need a better ISP, stat. But brief hiccups in connectivity do not "break a game" on OnLive, in this case you would just drop some frames of video and continue on. Actually a better experience than if you were playing locally with a crappy connection when you'd just get bounced from the server for latency.

this service benefits no one beyond those who really want to play super high end turn based games and would rather pay more per month to play them over the course of a few years than it would cost them to build a machine to play the games in the first place.

Hmm, well, no. This service benefits anyone who wants to play an admittedly limited library of games of any genre on any Mac or PC with even an old embedded video solution - or for the price of a new console game play without any PC at all. Anywhere in the world with a decent broadband connection. Sounds like some people might get some use out of such a service. There is no way someone could pay more than the cost of a machine to play Crysis "in a few years". You could either "permanent rent" the thing for $29 bucks or even at $9.99 per month you'd be hard-pressed to buy a Crysis-capable machine "in a few years". And then you'd have access to a whole bunch of other games. Your math, it is illogical.

Everyone else is taking a massive crap shoot and basically wasting money on rentals.

In one sense, I agree with this sentiment. A user IS depending on the stability and future viability of OnLive for continued access to games which they have rented. Whether or not they are "wasting" money depends on one's opinion if it's a "waste" of money to rent anything. Say, a movie, or a physical game disc.

All I really want out of this company is to know what they put in the water when they meet the venture capitalists.

All I really want to know is who at OnLive stole your girlfriend and peed in your Trix? Don't get me wrong, the service has its challenges including the aforementioned (Permanent Rental != Buy) and I wouldn't - and don't - use it for my every day gaming needs. But it works as advertised, and quite well for what it is.


The Sun Unleashes Coronal Mass Ejection At Earth 220

astroengine writes "Yesterday morning, at 08:55 UT, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory detected a C3-class flare erupt inside a sunspot cluster. 100,000 kilometers away, deep within the solar atmosphere (the corona), an extended magnetic field filled with cool plasma forming a dark ribbon across the face of the sun (a feature known as a 'filament') erupted at the exact same time. It seems very likely that both eruptions were connected after a powerful shock wave produced by the flare destabilized the filament, causing the eruption. A second solar observatory, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, then spotted a huge coronal mass ejection blast into space, straight in the direction of Earth. Solar physicists have calculated that this magnetic bubble filled with energetic particles should hit Earth on August 3, so look out for some intense aurorae — a solar storm is coming."

Comment Re:AdDot (Score 1) 176

Because it's worth the hassle. XBox Live is so far above the network gaming offerings from the PS3, Wii, and PC (yes, and PC) that it isn't even funny. My friends and family love the party feature, even spread out over some states we can all get together and have a fun time o' gaming that isn't restricted to one game. You can even use the feature to watch movies together, but we've never used that.

Obvious Fanboi Troll is Obvious

Comment Re:Reasonable idea (Score 1) 97

Also, quit whining that putting your real name on your WHOIS registration will get you annoying phone calls, threats, or whatever. I've had my real name and contact info on all my web sites and WHOIS information for a decade, and that's just not happening.

Ah, so your logical conclusion is "Since it's never happened to me, it doesn't happen. Period". Brilliant, Sherlock.

Comment Re:I think once the HTC Hero comes out.... (Score 1) 117

... the Palm will be squeezed out again. I think Palm had a great product 10 years ago, but seem to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to new technology. The Pre LOOKS good, but after using it, you kinda get the feeling it could have been done better. I think once users start getting the HTC Hero (Android) phone, Palm will be an also-ran. Developers will move to the Android market. Just my opinion.

Sure, because all of the previous Android phones have set the world on fire.

Comment Re:The root of the problem (Score 1) 332

No, most people aren't missing the point. You have no clue what you're talking about.

In WebOS, you can write Free Software, post an .IPK on your website, and people can download it with their phones and have it installed a couple of clicks later. Even better, you can post it on, and have it available in an open-source app repository on the phone and install it with ONE click. Without EVER talking to Palm.

What you are whinging about is already happening. Perhaps some research is suggested before your next rant, grasshopper.

Comment Re:Seriously, He's a troll. (Score 1) 332

I don't know about the AC, but I understood your point perfectly.
Doesn't matter if he's RMS or Buddha or Jeebus. He's still being a drama queen.
Past glories don't cover for current asshattery.
Incidentally, I disagree that it's on Slashdot because of JWZ, it would probably still be on because it's a tech article that's making it's rounds.

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