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Comment So, very few were affected. (Score 1) 68

I know three people that have ever had a Windows portable device. They were all business requirements or perks. Two no longer have those requirements and no longer have their W-phone/tablet. The third is retired and is now more frugal, so that phone will stay until it must be replaced. Although the OS was never updated to W10.

A pretty low impact mistake then.

Comment Re:AMD (Score 1) 474

Funny and true, but well said.

AMD doesn't run the fabs, one could say they are doing better because they have to. Which is related to being a customer and making your design work on the node that is available to you. Something they were never all that good at when they had their own fabs. Just cycling a design on TSMC or GloFo will produce significant performance gains. And it has hopefully their other work will pay off as well.

Comment Seriously? (Score 1) 474

What are you comparing to, for these leaps of functionality, ability and/or speed? Although many of the modern enhancements are simple 100MHz increments. Which is more than CPUs used to be able to do. We started PCs at 4MegaHertz. We got to 100MHz with Pentium-2 and Pentium-Pro (I think) then 1GHz with the Piii. We can make 10GHz systems today. No users (well, normal people) will buy them. Because they don't want to pay $50k for the latest and greatest processor. Not to mention having the 30-ton air conditioning in their purpose built computer room and having the power company install a SECOND connection just for the room as well. Oddly enough, except for the super computer business and the military there are really a limited number of customers for such. Satellite companies routinely use the really expensive stuff but they are used to paying tens of millions of dollars for one unit, indeed up to hundreds of millions. And their gear is notoriously hard to service.

The public (as in customers) accepted the solution the move to more cores as they were unable to accept the massive heat from 5GHz and up. Also, look into ECC 'buffered' RAM. Great for enterprise, less so for power, heat and cost - for you, me and everybody we know.

Now we are easily running at multiple GHz. TODAY you can buy 4GHz system with 8/16GB of RAM, a reasonable video card & 1TB HDD for around $1K. I spent $6k on a PC-AT. Count your blessings (and get off my lawn ;-).

Multiple cores, really fancy floating point, huge graphic gains and all running at lower power than just five years ago. I had friends that were heavy into graphics and they routinely bought 1000Watt PC power supplies because they had to. Now, they're not necessary unless you are doing multiple cards or some other form of heavy computing.

Past that, read up on physics and semi-conductor processes. Electro-migration is a fun one. Atoms just moving around because they want to (actually quantum mechanics) at the finest layers. Remember that each new process essentially enables creating a new layer underneath the existing version. Things get tiny real fast that way.

Comment Remember Y2K goofiness? (Score 1) 101

Well, I was involved verifying that we were in compliance. Over 100k products and some percentage were software, probably under 5%. A few projects were archived in the company archives. Funny coincidence I was there when the initial procedures were established. I didn't establish them, but I used them to archive a few software projects I was involved with. Bounce back to Y2K and I am requesting source code from several projects, now defunct but quite possibly will existing users. Simple, we will read the source, establish if there was or was not any time related silliness and go back to the main projects and 10's of thousands remaining. Of course you have already guessed it. No files were available. All the storage media provided was blank. I suspects that the dd-equivilent was done backwards. Take the blank storage and dd it to the incoming data. Fun. I doubt if it has ever been corrected as my comments were ignored back then. BTW, I am blissfully retired.

Comment Let them dream. (Score 0) 313

Nobody really cares about MSFT in a high end system. The W10 cost is fairly high, not the money, the cost to their privacy. Many enterprise customers have a solution but every one else with a high end system gets ripped off by MSFT and their "selling everything about you to anyone" business model is counter productive. Not even mentioning them putting ads on your desktop. A high end system is more likely a game system. The only choice is MSFT for well over half the games. Depending on the actual market there are limitations in professional software that rely heavily on W*, so the purchase is driven by requirements, not desires. Also, how is this different than the otherwise noted bit of a pip in the PC market as eventually even the older high end systems need replacement? Answer: same old, same old. Any bump in the PC market affects W* sales and MSFT will use it as evidence that they are winning. Something, whatever, a war with apple for the mac sales? Sure, whatever lies float your silly little boat, MSFT.

Comment Well it isn't because of crooked journalists. (Score 0) 145

Most commenters will rail on about the 'gaming press' and some of them might be old enough to recall that many (if not most) of the game press were nothing more than a blog in decades past. Also game reviews are opinions. Something that gets lost to many nerds. There is no way to review games in a scientific and concrete form, it's all down to the reviewers opinion. This is why you need to find a reviewer you trust/agree with/relate to and ignore most of the rest. As to your fun game, enjoy it. It has acceptable but not particularly great graphics and that alone will get it killed in the major review cycle. Many game reviews are driven by clicks (just like when they were blogs) and the most clicks win. So they review the modern pieces, not an ARMA retread, even a good ARMA retread. Also it appears to be yet another MMO FPS PVP where griefing is the major point of the game (correct me if I'm wrong). Have fun.

Comment Nice summary, Editor David (Score 0) 103

Well done, many times summaries and the articles, as claimed by the submitter, are wildly different. Not always click-bait but distinctly not accurate. The closing paragraph clarified the attitude of the article, such that clicking on it would be a waste of time. We even have some comments that aren't only from the 'you must hate google' crowd.

Comment Extortion at the best (Score 0) 128

The summary is off and not just a word. Preda Law's extortion scheme was targeted on IP addresses. Many claimed to never having seen the video in question and some didn't even have computers. Some paid nonetheless because the extortion letter offered them a cheap buyout of $2-4k vs the legal limit of $150k. One might suggest that a significant number never downloaded anything as Preda and Penises were finally reigned in when judges finally understood that IP address is not an indentification system. Two or more people accessing the address makes their claims unprove-able.

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