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The Media

Submission + - Software company sues public forum for users post

Slacker01 writes: 2clix the Australian Accounting software company is suing Whirlpool for allegedly defamatory comment by users about there software claiming $150,000 a month for lost income cause by the users comments


Already has coverage outside of Australia on the UK's The Register.

And by Australia's most respected newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald

Submission + - whirlpool.net.au Founder Sued by 2Clix

An anonymous reader writes: news.com.au is reporting that the founder of the popular Australian broadband news and discussion site whirlpool.net.au, Simon Wright, is being sued by an accounting software firm 2Clix Australia. The claim centres around negative posts made in the discussion forum about 2Clix's accounting package. 2Clix is claiming that a number of the posts "relating to the Plaintiff and its software were false and malicious". A scanned copy of the Statement of Claim is available at whirlpool.net.au/img/article/2clix/soc.pdf.

I can only assume Wright is being sued as 2Clix can't identify the individual forum members. An interesting line from the SOC reads "[Wright] did not require proper verification of identity before permitting registration...". No Australian law I'm aware of requires formal verification of ID in this manner. I'm hoping that the legal system actually works for once and this case doesn't go anywhere. As Wright said: a lot hangs in the balance here. Of course if needed we can always post on overseas sites, like Slashdot for instance.

If you are interested you can view the two forums here and here.
The Courts

Submission + - 2clix vs Whirlpool Founder - Simon Wright (whirlpool.net.au)

An anonymous reader writes: "Whirlpool founder Simon Wright is being sued by accounting software firm 2Clix Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 118 044 198) for alleged "injurious falsehood". The Statement of Claim from the company alleges that Simon Wright allowed statements "relating to the Plaintiff and its software product that are both false and malicious" to be published on the Whirlpool forums. 2Clix is suing for at least $150,000 (plus costs), and is demanding that two forum threads be removed from the site. Whirlpool believes the action has no merit and will defend the matter vigorously, despite being a community website with little resources."

Link: http://whirlpool.net.au/article.cfm/1753

The Courts

Submission + - Whirlpool Founder Sued By Software Manufacturer

An anonymous reader writes: The founder of Whirlpool, an Australian forum for broadband and internet discussion, with nearly 190,000 registered users, is being sued by an accounting software company that had their software bagged out by users commenting on the forum. This type of litigation seems to happen a bit in the US, but it's all new for Australia. The papers were apparently served last night, and it's all over the media Down Under this morning. This looks as though it's going to be a huge bunfight that is going to have its every move covered by the media here. And the ramifications if Whirlpool lose this case are enormous for Australian internet users.

Submission + - Whirlpool Founder Sued for User Submitted Posts (whirlpool.net.au)

craznar writes: "Whirlpool founder Simon Wright is being sued by accounting software firm 2Clix Australia Pty Ltd for alleged "injurious falsehood".

Whirlpool is a privately run, very large broadband discussion forum in Australia — it attacts no advertising revenue and is entirely run from the pocket of a few dedicated individuals.

The founder (Simon Wright) is being sued for AU$150,000 + Costs for an article and subsequent thread posted by the user base.

Should a company be able to sue based upon opinion, posted on a public forum ?

Full story http://whirlpool.net.au/article.cfm/1753"


Spacecraft May Surf Magnetic Fields 98

Maggie McKee writes "Future spacecraft may surf the magnetic fields of Earth and other planets, taking previously unfeasible routes around the solar system, according to a proposal funded by NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts. The electrically charged craft would not need rockets or propellant of any kind. To get charged up, the spacecraft could either fire a beam of charged particles into space or simply allow a radioactive isotope to emit charged particles. Because long, thin filaments have large surface areas for holding charge, the spacecraft might look like Einstein's head — with wiry filaments sticking out at all angles — or a weird space 'stocking.'"

Submission + - Google censors user-generated content in Brazil

airshowfan writes: "Imagine that every time you wrote something on Blogger that the Chinese government disagreed with, China's courts could fine Google China and Google had to delete your post and give your IP address to the Chinese police. This is basically how Google runs Orkut, a social-networking site it owns, and by far the most widely-used social-networking site in Brazil, with over twice as many users as Facebook. Not only does Google get rid of any user-generated content on Orkut that Brazil's courts dislike, they have given the Brazilian police admin access, including the ability to censor content and to find your IP address. And this is despite the fact that all of Orkut's data is hosted in the US!"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Hit & Run driver caught with internet help

Kumba writes: The collective power of the internets was demonstrated in this thread as one member of an auto enthusiast forum helped another member identify the driver of a hit and run incident against the latter's friend. Since then, it's spread like wildfire. The one photo depicting the driver's face may yet become the most photoshopped image on the planet.

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