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Comment Murder vs Prosperity (Score 1) 470

I am not a windows user, and I despise alot of microsoft products, but what they did for society is amazing, its all due to bill starting it. Now he carries on his good work with an immensely good charity. The pope wants to hold back progress and finds poverty and disease being spread as nothing less than a holy must. This is a good sign of clear thinking.

Comment Re:Does this smack of a hidden agenda to you? (Score 1) 370

Every time OpenGL is mentioned, the John Carmack argument is raised too. OpenGL has been playing catch up since this argument was relevant, whilst it will most probably never catch up with D3D, the support for OpenGL ES within OpenGL 4.x has made it a more attractive effort, as porting to and from mobile devices is a lot easier. And on that thought of mobile devices...Mobile games are on the up and up...(they use OGL ES)

Comment Re:Surprised? I'm not.. (Score 1) 789

Hmm, i think the adobe thing may have something to do with the carbon API though, if you want to write the most efficient code for a mac (needed for graphics obviously), one most write the software in Obj-C through cocoa, as nice as cocoa is to developers, it doesnt [truly] exist for other platforms. The lack of support for 64 bit and other technologies in carbon are to blame i suspect.

Comment "It's Just a damned popularity with you kids!" (Score 1) 444

Sure, Ive messed around with some NoSQL databases, they just aren't my thing, give me mysql, your spec and a cup of tea and i dont have to look round silly experiments to see the best way of doing things in new radical 'paradigms.' That being said, I am glad the experiments are being done by people who are in such an environment to experiment. I mean, like the article says, its the social networks like twitter and facebook developing things like Cassandra, and its good that there is someone pushing the bar, but they are the only people who CAN do this, they aren't necessary, nobodies gonna die from a 5 minute outtage of poking each other (that sounds bad). I havent really understood the whole NoSQL thing,I havent really ever had a problem with SQL based Databases, maybe thats just the nature of my work, but it all seems as though this has nothing to do with technology, just people who want to be heard...

Comment Re:Some real info: (Score 1) 246

I can see your points, all valid, but the name bit really bugs me. I hope to see Xenotic fix some basic problems that i dont think nexuiz GPL could, a refreshed project with a new name gets the chance to do so much more than an iterated improvement. As much as it was awesome, the new project is a new start from which modern gameplay improvements and a consistent style and theme can be introduced. Personally, I would love to see a theme introduced and perhaps a backstory...going even further down the pipe of dreams, a single player campaign would be cool...even if its a separate game.

Comment Re:yes (Score 2, Insightful) 1049

That is not only closed minded, but self-inhibiting. Some of the best software developers use social networks to get there code out there, commented on and for self-improvement. Slashdot is almost a social website as it is, so this is a bit Hypocritical. Try to embrace all tools at your disposal. All major software companies use this 'social crap' to good effect.

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