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Submission + - Phillip K. Dick's "Radio Free Albemuth" movie is now available on ( 1

DarkStarZumaBeach writes: Another Phillip K. Dick science fiction novel is now a movie — "Radio Free Albemuth" is adapted by and directed by John Alan Simon and produced by Open Pictures.

It is appearing at select film festivals — but it is already available for Internet on-line streaming and DVD from

"Radio Free Albemuth" stars Jonathan Scarfe as "Nick Brady" — a music producer who discovers a whole new genre of music — coming from near-Earth orbit — from a voice claiming to be V.A.L.I.S. — Vast Active Living Intelligence System — purportedly floating in an alien satellite from the star system Albemuth.

The problem is that Nick and his wife Rachel (played by Kathryn Winnick) are living in a United States run by a paranoid President Ferris F. Fremont (played by Scott Wilson) who has established an oppressive FBI-enforced security regime authorized by staged attacks by a manufactured terrorist group named "ARAMCHEK."

What Nick and Rachel will discover is that there is no "Aramchek" — only a loosely knit resistance group of disorganized people — only linked by the intoxicating music of V.A.L.I.S. — especially when it is sung by the sensuous Sylvia, as played by the one and only Alanis Morissette in her first starring movie role.

And, when President Fremont discovers the music has subliminal messages recruiting more people to V.A.L.I.S., the iron glove of his political action committee, "The Friends of the American People", comes down on Nick, Rachel, and his new resistance friends.

Watch this science fiction thriller — and you will come to understand why the Hollywood studio system and the TV networks refused to distribute this film: They don't want to be another Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, while THEY do not want you to see it. EVER.

"Radio Free Albemuth" is the TRUE "Message of Hope — From the STARS ..."

Catch it while you still can ...

A special screening of Radio Free Albemuth in #Milwaukee will be on July 14, 2014, at 7 pm at the Landmark Downer with writer/director John Alan Simon and producer Elizabeth Karr.

For latest information on select screenings — see: Radio Free Albemuth on Facebook.
The Official Movie Web Site is here: Radio Free Albemuth

United States

Submission + - US Blackout of El Hierro Volcanic Eruptions in Can (

DarkStarZumaBeach writes: "For US Slashdotters, you may not be aware from TV and newspapers that the El Hierro volcano is active in the Canary Islands. You may also not know that the western end of El Hierro is beginning to fail, and is likely to slip into the Atlantic with perhaps a hundred or more cubic kilometers of rock and debris, generating a mega tsunami. See the recent deformation data plot HERE. For mega tsunami simulation, follow the story URL to a YouTube clip of the simulated La Palma island volcanic landslide tsunami with an update for El Hierro.

If you don't know this, it isn't because the US government is talking about it. The USGS just posted a mea culpa page HERE stating that they are unable to monitor earthquakes in the Canary Islands — even though they have a historic working relationship with Spain's own National Geographic Service — and full access to the Canary Islands seismometer RSS reports HERE. It would seem odd for the USGS to ever fail to report any quake over a magnitude 2 — since that is well within the realm of underground nuclear testing activity. Yet, the USGS failed to report on El Hierro's 3.1 and 4.3 magnitude quakes in the week ending Oct. 14th, 2011.

Meanwhile, the earthquake quiet Eastern Provinces of Canada are planning on participating in the Oct. 20th "The Great Shakeout" public safety exercises — which originated with California. But, the US states on the Atlantic Coast don't even think earthquake awareness is worth spending time and money since protecting the life of citizens isn't as important as raising campaign money from corporate donors who don't want their financial markets to crash when the public realizes they are in great risk from El Hierro.

The Federal government isn't that stupid: It knows enough to preserve itself and coordinate the efforts of survivors: So, FEMA just had the first-ever activation briefing with broadcast engineers on Oct. 13th for the first-ever nation-wide test of the Emergency Alert System slated for Nov. 9th at 2pm; So, on Oct. 10th, Dobbins ARB ran a disaster recovery exercise for the fleet of Airforce Reserve C130s with an exercise premise of an exotic "flu" outbreak — which required airlift recovery of blunt-force trauma patients; So, the US Army Contingency Contracting Infantry Corps are put on mobilization alert without destination orders; And, so, the US chain-of-command is put on "campaign" and "foreign good will" travel so that they can survive a direct tsunami hit on Washington, DC. Meantime, all the troops in Iraq are ordered home by Dec. 31st — just in case the Feds need them to enforce martial law on what's left of the US Atlantic Coast.

Obviously, volcanoes are unpredictable — so alarming the general public is not useful if it crashes financial markets. On the other hand, not planning evacuation routes to safety areas at least 100 miles from the Atlantic Coast will result in huge traffic jams when the usable alert time is just over 5 hours from El Hierro landslide to mega tsunami landing on DC and Florida.

Oh, and by the way, unlike the US Pacific Coast, there is no such thing as an Atlantic Coast Tsunami Warning System.

Meanwhile, as a fellow Slashdotter with IT concerns, it is clear that major US data processing centers will be at risk, since many are built on, or near, flood plains. Worse, land-based telecom and power are likely to be disrupted. The only reliable sources of power will be backup generators and batteries. The only reliable communication system will be shortwave radio and Internet by satellite. For my IT team, for food, we have the staff fridge and the junk food machines. For meds, we have one first aid kit and a portable stretcher. For backups, we have Iron Mountain.

So, when was the last time you inventoried the emergency supplies at your data center? Do you even have waterproof matches and candles?"


Submission + - FUKUSHIMA core cooling pools R HOT (

DarkStarZumaBeach writes: "Reactor fuel cooling pools need to be kept at 26 degrees Celsius. The reactor 4 cooling pool caught fire when used reactor fuel overheated earlier this week because water either evaporated or leaked out due to primary structural failure. The reactor 3 cooling pool is also very low — and both 3 and 4 are exposed to open air. And, reactor 5 and 6 cooling pools are registering increasing temperatures ..."

Submission + - Everything in Universe Caught in Dark Flow (

DarkStarZumaBeach writes: Dark Flow! Yoda had it wrong: The Force doesn't just surround and embrace everything: The Dark Side of the Force also pulls at everything with a titanic flushing sound, as evidenced by the average 2.2 million miles an hour velocity for the galaxies in the Coma Cluster into the same direction in the sky.

Over time, with Cosmic Expansion, those velocities will increase, and the light from those galaxies will continue to red-shift until we cannot see them above the 3-degree Kelvin Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Because Cosmic Expansion is measured by the relative red shift of distant astronomical objects — and the red shift appears to show that the furthest objects in all directions are red-shifting away from us — and therefore accelerating away from us, the same effect would be true if everything in all directions were "falling" away from us into a huge gravitational well. Dark Flow gives us the direction into the deepest part of that well.

For Coma Cluster galaxies, that velocity computes to a significant Lorentz contraction factor: A one million mile ruler traveling 2.2 million miles an hour lengthwise in the direction of the Dark Flow would be contracted to 999,995 miles long — 5 miles shorter to an observer at rest.

So, could we all be inside the event horizon of an incredibly intense black hole and still falling towards its singularity point?

If we are falling into the bottom of a prior universe's blackhole — our relative time dilation factor will increase towards infinity as we approach the singularity point as relative velocity approaches a significant fraction of the speed of light. Relative time dilation slows our clock to a near stop. So it gets very, very, dark and very, very, cold down there in the very, very, distant future, which is why the deep sky today is really, really, dark, beyond the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

And the Big Bang?

That's what happens when a universe worth of our energy and matter slips through the event horizon of a prior universe's blackhole and emerges from zero spatial dimensions at zero time, as the energy "snaps" — "relaxes" — "expands" — "coalesces" into our dimensional space and time which we humans believe wraps around and through us.

And the post Big Bang blackholes that are formed by stellar implosion, dark matter implosion, and found at the cores of galaxies and quasars?

Well, those gravitational fields represent localized surfaces of infinite relative time dilation created after the Big Bang. Think of them as patches of space-time turbulence which connect to the same time surface that all objects in our Universe bubble will ultimately arrive at in the direction of the Dark Flow, except scattered backwards spatially from the End-of-Observable-Time.

Localized blackholes are short cuts from now to the End-of-Observable-Time in our Universe.

While they are all points in the same observable-time "surface", they have different spatial locations and gravitational strengths, evidenced by the different sizes of the Schwarzschild radius of each local blackhole. When an object with mass and energy crosses the event horizon of a local blackhole — it is actually accelerating past the speed of light in our universe, and becomes unobservable in our space-time because it's velocity instantaneously transforms into some non-spatial dimension set orthogonal to our space-time, leaving behind its mass energy value in our universe as an increase in the gravitational field of the local black-hole with a proportional increase in its Schwarzschild radius.

The gravitational field of a blackhole is the "echo" of matter and energy that has "entered" non-observable space-time for any observer outside of the Schwarzchild radius.

If the Big Bang is the "scatter" as spatial dimensions emerge — then post Big Bang black holes, of all different masses and ages, are part of the "gather" as objects accelerate and become unobservable into higher dimensions, effectively "leaving" our universe while conserving matter, energy, and information in our universe as an increment to the gravitational field of a point singularity.

To put it in perspective, we are in the Dark Flow from zero time dilation to infinite time dilation, from zero initial velocity to speed of light, from zero spatial dimensions to non-spatial dimensions.

What could be driving the Dark Flow into the future is a "massive" point singularity created by the previous universe, whose dimension set is orthogonal to our space-time. We are somewhere inside its "Schwarzchild radius" for its "speed-of-light", but we have not yet arrived at its point singularity where all of its dimensions vanish. That point singularity could "co-exist" in the hypervolume bounded by our End-of-Observable Time Surface, assuming that gravity is the common book keeping system for the conservation of energy, matter, and information across all universes and across all emerging dimension sets.

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