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Comment skipdrive, slipspace drive, FTL... (Score 0) 442

it's all going to happen soon! Then we will find the Covenant, The Flood, Wraith ehmmm themmm..... Cylons! Borgs and thanks to some genius Italian we will all die suffering from plasma burns (remember, rebels don't have plasma guns...), we will be assimilated and we are really screwed now.

Comment Re:something else (Score 1) 169

According to TFA, the asteroid is mostly black and "aircraft carrier sized". The first thing that flashed into my mind was that it would be very interesting if radar images during the flyby revealed it was in fact a very, Very VERY old spacecraft.

from a galaxy far away... my guess it is a Tantive IV, size fits. A bit.

Comment if not nuclear... (Score 1) 298

if not nuclear power then what? I haven't heard about this guy from Italy that his cold fusion worked so we will be using resources like coal... which will dissapear probably by the beginning of the next century. Wind and solar power, OK, but not everywhere... so, please enlighten me what my grandkids will have to run their xboxes, dishwashers and ipads...

Comment professores (Score 1) 243

I work, I pay taxes and when I read such things I am going nuts. WTF???? My tax money goes into some academic pockets so that he can sit for weeks thinking about how much does one ebook weight??? Dammit! I thought such things are over and such debates were finished couple of hundreds years ago! It is like how many devils will fit on the needle tip... gimme a break.

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