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Comment Re:OK Howto article, but missing key points (Score 5, Informative) 137

I just looked at this article as my employer uses Debian and Ubuntu heavily and I've been pushing for ZFS on our file servers. There is no mention of ZFS version, the feature set available, or even a link to the source material.

ZoL is based on ZFS version 28 from the last open Solaris release, and currently integrating Illumos as its upstream.

There isn't much mention of how to use ZFS. I happen to know most commands, but I think this article would be difficult for a beginner even though it seems to be targeted at that demographic.

It looks like the Slashdot editors are doing this blogger a favor by linking to a mostly empty article.

At a minimum, this article should link to the ZoL home page, the ZoL Launchpad page for packages, and maybe the ZFS introduction or another tutorial.

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