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Comment Re:CNET overviews the removed features (Score 3, Interesting) 295

"5. Multiple windows"

Tried this on my test machine, and it appears to be true. What The Hell. This completely wrecks my workflow for creating playlists (which was to have library open in one window, playlist in another, and to drag files from the library into the right place on the playlist).

For fnord's sake. It seems that these days every update from Apple ends up just frustrating me. Not installing this one either, just like Safari 6 (no RSS, again WTF?)


Submission + - Unusual discovery of new African monkey species ( 1

rhettb writes: In a remote and largely unexplored rainforest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), researchers have made an astounding discovery: a new monkey species. The new primate, which is name the lesula and described in a paper in the journal PLoS ONE, was first noticed by scientist and explorer, John Hart, in 2007. The discovery of a new primate species is rare nowadays. In fact, the lesula is only the second newly discovered monkey in Africa in the past 28 years.

Comment Still waiting for Social Networking Protocol (Score 2) 370

The minute social networks start behaving like email (that is, work with protocols that communicate but anyone can actually run a server, preferably one of many available flavors) I'll get into them. Not before. Diaspora seems to be going that way, but I haven't yet gotten around to setting up a pod of my own.

Submission + - BBC Builds Malware For Testing Purposes (

siliconbits writes: BBC News has shown how straightforward it is to create a malicious application for a smartphone. Over a few weeks, the BBC put together a crude game for a smartphone that also spied on the owner of the handset. The application was built using standard parts from the software toolkits that developers use to create programs for handsets.
This makes malicious applications hard to spot, say experts, because useful programs will use the same functions. While the vast majority of malicious programs are designed to attack Windows PCs, there is evidence that some hi-tech criminals are starting to turn their attention to smartphones.


Submission + - Inmates escape as guard plays Plants vs. Zombies ( 1

dotarray writes: Everybody knows that there'(TM)s a certain risk one takes when playing addictive, engrossing games when you’re meant to be doing something else. The prevalence of awesome games on the iPhone hasn'(TM)t helped that risk -" as a Philippines police officer has learned.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Interview with Creators of Breach, a Full-Physics (

Phyrefli writes: An interview with Peter Tamte, President of Atomic Games who are making Breach. Breach is an 8v8 military-style first person shooter boasting a full physics engine along with several other innovative ideas, including an extremely low price point of just $15.

Submission + - Safer browsing habits for the technologically dumb

An anonymous reader writes: What basic security precautions would Slashdot users recommend for basic home use? I’m trying to get my parents to follow some easy steps to ensure their privacy and safety while online but have come to the worrying realisation that I don’t know nearly enough about the subject to give them any more than a rather thin set of instructions. I use one browser for internet shopping, a different one for general browsing, and yet another for porn. I’m never logged into email or IM programs when shopping or porn surfing and I run ad-block/noscript when using Firefox. Am I doing enough? Is what I’m already doing just the modern day equivalent of dancing for rain?

Comment Re:Feh to your pitiful hardcore Definition (Score 1) 272

The only time I stop playing my game is when not doing so would be to the permanent detriment to my gaming environment.

All in all this means I play my game about 18 hours a day. Thats right, 18 goddamn hours. I sleep for the other 6.

So did your character post this or did you do it while sleeping?


Submission + - Apple: An Evil Empire in the Making? (

twailgum writes: It's Star Wars in Silicon Valley: Is the adored, charismatic Apple CEO Steve Jobs secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith in a black turtleneck? The buzz in the universe is that we're all being duped, like Jar-Jar Binks of the Senate Republic, stupidly voting for our own enslavement. Sure Apple has made some devious maneuvers lately (how's it working out for you, Adobe?), but what is the master ("evil") plan in place? Here's an inside look at the Apple Tech Manifesto.

How To Replace FileVault With EncFS 65

agoston.horvath writes "I've written a HOWTO on replacing Mac OS X's built-in encryption (FileVault) with the well-known FUSE-based EncFS. It worked well for me, and most importantly: it is a lot handier than what Apple has put together. This is especially useful if you are using a backup solution like Time Machine. Includes Whys, Why Nots, and step-by-step instructions."

Submission + - Cell Phone OS Comparison (

Asaf.Zamir writes: These days, it's not a question of what's your device and what you can do with it, it's about the OS.
Basically, now with the new Android and Maemo battle, devices don't need to only be capable from the hardware point of view, they should have a great OS as well.
Some cases (ahm, Windows CE) the OS might hold the device back in terms of capabilities and consumers are starting to pick up on that.
The Ultimate Five, a website that has comparison for products, decided to do some comparison about the current cell phone OS's out there.


Submission + - Studies Find Harm From Cellular and Wi-fi Signals (

Artifice_Eternity writes: I've always tended to dismiss claims of toxicity from cell phone and wi-fi signals as reflecting ignorance about microwave radiation. However, this GQ article cites American and European studies going back decades that have found some level of biological harm caused by these signals. Why haven't they gained more attention? From the article: "Industry-funded studies seem to reflect the result of corporate strong-arming. Lai reviewed 350 studies and found that about half showed bioeffects from EM radiation emitted by cell phones. But when he took into consideration the funding sources for those 350 studies, the results changed dramatically. Only 25 percent of the studies paid for by the industry showed effects, compared with 75 percent of those studies that were independently funded."

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