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Comment Re:How many ways are there to do simple things? (Score 1) 694

Don't believe the hype. Almost all bug fixing is dealing with the lack of foresight of the original designer/programmer. Take the time out to think through the extreme use cases of your code. You will save you and other programmers a lot of head scratching and retrofitting work later on.
And stop repeating that horrible mantra. Reminds me of Y2K and the horrible posix time system we all still use. 1970 is the furthest back anybody doing any time calculations will ever have to go. Nice little short sighted code shortcut that has forced every programmer that wants to do a simple projection forward or backward in time to have to hack together a system. Imagine how much time would have been saved the world over if that first programmer had thought about leap seconds, different calendaring systems, daylight savings, and billions of years into the past or future.

Comment Change your beacon interval to 101 (Score 5, Interesting) 451

Changing your beacon interval to 101 keeps your wifi networks beacons perpetually out of sync with your neighbors wifi noise. The problem every one is having is errors like unable to find access point, connection error, and being dropped from your access point. This single change makes all of the other tweaks esoteric and uneccessary. Access points know how to deal with noise and interference. Access points do not know how to deal with an excessive amount of lost beacons. And they shouldn't.

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