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Comment Re:How much is the fine for false information? (Score 2) 129


You can put anything on the ballot paper you like. The requirement is that you attend a polling station and have your name recorded as having receiving the ballot papers. You don't even have to do this on election day. There are a number of pre-poll options and absent voting provisions. They make it so easy that it isn't a drama.

Election days are more like a giant picnic barbeque these days anyway. There's more live broadcasting of what food is available at the polling stations than political comment. Every local charity sets up a stall outside the boundary and it's more like a street market than a serious national plebiscite.

Comment Re:no surprises here (Score 1) 288

They make a phone that runs an interface that looks like shit and it doesn't sell? How can it be so?

I wonder how much they spent on spin doctors trying to convince everybody that "Live Tiles" were so much better than widgets?
An interface that looks like its made for Sesame Street watchers.
Win8 was hated (and deservedly so). Make something that looks like Win8 and don't understand that it will also be hated? Just dumb.

Can't wait for Nokia to actually resurrect their phone business sans Windows. I will ditch this Samsung into the nearest toilet.

Comment Re:True Crime (Score 1) 194

Ladies and Gentlemen this elevator has been halted deliberately. I have been eating chocolate, boiled eggs and cabbage for 24 hours. Place your wallets and valuables in the paper bag. Refusal to do so and I will fart in this elevator. Just in case some hero decides to pursue me, I will be farting into the bag itself when I leave.

Ok ante-up, thank you sir, madam those rings, no sir not yours, just your wallet, thankyou ....

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense.. (Score 1) 201

This world wide takeover - after that will we be allowed to fire Ak-47s into the air at weddings and football and stuff? I think that looks like fun. That could be ok. If we can do that and they get rid of all the crap about aliens on the History channel then the Caliphate might be bearable, at least for a while.

Comment Re:short circuit's number 5 could waltz (Score 1) 168

"When its dancing skills were called into question, the robot responded by showing off its Gangnam Style moves."

Yeah but then the crowd started to diss its ability get the upper hand in a physical contest. It said "I'll be back" and left the room.
(Sound of truck revving up outside.)

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