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Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 2, Insightful) 557

The Founders created Article 22 specifically to prevent a simple majority from electing a president in a representative democratic republic. They were well-aware for the potential of mob rule in a pure democracy. Read James Madison in the Federalist Papers to understand their brilliant idea called the electoral college.

Comment It Doesn't Matter How Many (Score 1) 258

The problem is not that there are likely other forms of life out there, it is that they are so far away, and faster than light travel is impossible except at the sub-atomic level. Certainly not for complex biological life. They and we will be extinct before we can even exchange messages let alone travel to see each other. It is probably better that way anyway: if life on earth has taught us anything, there can be only one dominant life form at a time so they or us would be wiped out in the ensuing conflict.

Comment The Climate has always been changing... (Score 1, Interesting) 221

The real question that neither side wants addressed is this: how much is really mankind's fault? In the end it doesn't matter. The Earth's climate has LAWAYS been changing and will continue to do so no matter what. So the important question is not the blame, which is after the fat... It is what we can do. But few are about that when short-term gain is the only thing they care about.

Comment Garmin VIRB Ultra30 forced this (Score 1) 14

When deciding to upgrade from my Hero 2HDs, I decided to go with the Garmin VIRB Ultra30, which has all the features GoPro just announced for the Hero5 plus integration of sensors (like heart rate, altitude, temperature, speed, power, foot strike, etc.) which can be added as overlays to videos in the VIRB editor. Also syncs with your mobile phone (via app) for camera control. The Hero2 HD had an arcane and clunky interface clunky, needed extra packs for poor WiFi, and I wanted more modern cameras with 2.7k and 4k capability. The only downside, which is temporary, is that accessories are limited for now, but the VIRB Ultra uses the GoPo mount so I can use all my mounts. Spare batteries are the one thing I miss so far. Competition drives market innovation once again.

Comment Shallow article (Score 1) 248

Sheesh. Just because they didn't use the case facade real estate, doesn't mean they didn't use the circuit board and internal space for other things. Maybe you non-technical people think of the jack's case footprint as all there is, but jacks are actually quite large for simply a contact point and take a lot of board and internal space as well. And here I thought Slashdot was a sophisticated tech publication, but you facile analysis reminds me of superficial fashionista leftist rag the Huff Poo more than the technical Ars Technica.

Comment A lot of people like porn apparently (Score 1) 140

When I was at a Sun Microsystems early in internet growth before the Dot-Com Bust and widespread adoption and growth, the porn industry was one of the largest purchasers of hardware and software. No one liked to talk about it so a lot of people don't know. It is a lot like the oldest profession, far more people demand it than will admit to it and it is big business. HD porn takes a lot of bandwidth just like HD movies. why single out one commercial market from the other? Let people decide what they want to consume: that's free market liberty. And stop being prudes. Don't spend money on it or watch it if you don't like it.

Comment Re:Anybody surprised? (Score 0) 88

" though I am not certain why we allow this." Ever take a look at who owns the lion's share of US Treasury debt while Obama rolls up records in new debt? CHINA. They owns us financially thanks to our over spending (both parties are culpable) and their buying our debt. You are witnessing the final days of the empire and the barbarians will soon be at the gate. China is determined to be the new super power and meanwhile, our president is worried about Black Lives Matter (the Chinese don't really care). We voted in a black racists community organizer and his focus is domestic while our enemies sharpen their swords. No matter who you vote for, it doesn't matter: you cannot unwind two decades of failed policy in time no matter what you do.

Comment Yeah and Spoons Make you Fat (Score 0) 130

People making a foolish decision to be inattentive while committed to dangerous and risky tasks is the problem, not Pokemon. The US DOT estimates 22% of all auto accidents involved distracted (a euphemism for deliberately and negligently inattentive) drivers. This is just another excuse for fools to increase their driving risks by not paying attention to their driving and risking their safety and that of others.

Comment Re:Epstein just hates Google (Score 0) 246

Right...and Jefferson just _hated_ King George. Some issues transcend personal squabbles and this one does. We are talking about the control of information and the potential to distort it and access to it. that is the most dangerous threat to freedom and liberty ever seen.

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