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Comment Re:Anybody surprised? (Score 0) 88

" though I am not certain why we allow this." Ever take a look at who owns the lion's share of US Treasury debt while Obama rolls up records in new debt? CHINA. They owns us financially thanks to our over spending (both parties are culpable) and their buying our debt. You are witnessing the final days of the empire and the barbarians will soon be at the gate. China is determined to be the new super power and meanwhile, our president is worried about Black Lives Matter (the Chinese don't really care). We voted in a black racists community organizer and his focus is domestic while our enemies sharpen their swords. No matter who you vote for, it doesn't matter: you cannot unwind two decades of failed policy in time no matter what you do.

Comment Yeah and Spoons Make you Fat (Score 0) 130

People making a foolish decision to be inattentive while committed to dangerous and risky tasks is the problem, not Pokemon. The US DOT estimates 22% of all auto accidents involved distracted (a euphemism for deliberately and negligently inattentive) drivers. This is just another excuse for fools to increase their driving risks by not paying attention to their driving and risking their safety and that of others.

Comment Re:Epstein just hates Google (Score 0) 246

Right...and Jefferson just _hated_ King George. Some issues transcend personal squabbles and this one does. We are talking about the control of information and the potential to distort it and access to it. that is the most dangerous threat to freedom and liberty ever seen.

Comment Their Gun Control Isn't Working (Score 2) 137

Despite California having some of the most Draconian gun control law in the US, their murder rate is still higher than Western states with far fewer gun laws: OR, WA, UT, MT, WY. ND, SD, CO and TX and they are closely tied with AZ. So it is becoming clear with this move that they are want to disarm the citizens and promote the Bog-Brother State, so It isn't about guns, it is about the state versus liberty after all.

Comment Gov't Excuse is Disingenuous at Best (Score 1) 102

If one ways to damage from the two groups: terrorists and criminals having secure encryption or governments having a backdoor to all encryption, hands down far more damage is done to civil rights and liberty by governments worldwide. I'd rather find other ways to curtail terrorism and crime than let governments have tools for oppression of civil rights and liberties.

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