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Comment Welcome to the new age (Score 2) 307

Future historians will find an appropriate tag for the third millennium. If the industrial revolution is over, we still live in the industrial age, though it may appear to be declining. Some historians opine that we are going through a not-much-war era.

The big question: is / was there a Software Revolution and what is it supposed to be? In the sixties the term 'Software Crisis' was coined, but has gone of ouf use. Software no longer seems to be in such short supply, but the quality of it is still problematic at best. Software is part of a process called Automation, which has been popular since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line. Advances in electronics have helped automation to progress and increase steadily during the twentieth century.

Comment Go into management (Score 1) 323

The poster has a degree in Electronic Engineering, but his skill list does not including designing, building, and repairing electrical apparatuses.

It turns out that the University of Illinois actually teaches a course in General Engineering. It mostly prepares students for managerial roles.

Comment Re:Q. How does one subtract light? (Score 1) 171

You all learned the answer in high school: if you have a wave, then you can reduce its amplitude or extinguish it by adding a copy if the same signal with the opposite phase.

This has been done to reduce acoustical noise, but it's rather harder to accomplish with light waves. But then, holography is all about interference.

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