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Journal Daniel Dvorkin's Journal: The letter I just wrote to the Obama campaign 3

Dear Sen. Obama,

I am writing to urge you to support, rather than distance yourself from, Gen. Wesley Clark and the criticisms he has recently made of Sen. McCain's qualifications and experience. Gen. Clark's remarks were absolutely accurate and contain an important truth that the American people need to understand in this election: surviving being held as a POW, and the rest of Sen. McCain's military service, does not qualify him to be President. No matter what he may have done as a pilot, as a politician he has made the wrong choices over and over again on foreign and defense policy and on veterans' issues -- the very areas where his experience should be supposedly be most useful.

Gen. Clark spoke truth, and is courageously standing by his statements in the face of withering criticism. He would be a great choice for a Vice Presidential candidate for your campaign. At the very least, you should see the justice in his remarks and support conveying this message to voters.

As a veteran, a Democrat, and an American, I support both you and Gen. Clark in your continuing hard work to make America a country we can again be proud of. Please do not miss this opportunity to work together.


Daniel Dvorkin


A number of other vets -- mostly much younger than me, and correspondingly blunter -- have some words to say here. To my fellow vets: please, go thou and write likewise.

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The letter I just wrote to the Obama campaign

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  • I hold Gen. Clarke in high regard, and I think he would be an excellent VP candidate. Thank you for sharing.
  • I am not real sure on clark, but powell, no way, my lai, gulf war syndrome, spouting the non truthiness at the UN about iraq when he knew it was probably bogus, CFR action, all of that. Unacceptable. I think he is a NWO puppet. Just looks snazzy and talks well..most actors do, and politics is half acting, even the politics of rising in the military.

    Oh well, I am still going to write in ron paul, and double ha kucinich if I can for vp. I guess you can write in anyone you want, although at the last minute I m

  • Just like the Republicans in 2004, we can attack McCain's (perceived) strengths. Unlike the Republicans in 2004, we can do it honestly.

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