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Submission + - The Most Powerful Gaming laptop : Alienware 17 (

An anonymous reader writes: Today this post is specially dedicated to all the Gamers because today I am going to tell you about one of the most Powerful laptop ever made for Gamers. This powerful gaming laptop is made by Alienware (Dell) and it contains a 4th generation Quad Core Processor by Intel called “Haswell” i7 4700MQ Processor.

Submission + - Bode Miller seems to be seeing things more clearly (

An anonymous reader writes: COLUMN | There was no bluebird sky for Bode Miller, just a flat sepia sketch of a landscape in which the edges ended up tough to obtain. There was a faint vagueness in the warming air that softened the snow and manufactured the birch tree branches appear smudged. On prior days, the Olympic men’s downhill system at Rosa Khutor experienced been terrifyingly illuminated, a chilly solar sharply delineating its crags. It was a class that “could kill,” Miller stated. In its place, it betrayed him.

Miller liked the crystal clear-reduce peril of Rosa Khutor, with its belly-plunging fall of three,527 meters, swooping turns, and hump-formed brows that sent him eagling into the air. The tricky snow rattled his skis until finally they virtually jumped up and strike him in the mouth, and summoned all of his go-for-brokeness.

He skied it so properly in instruction that when he laid down the speediest time in the final tune-up, Norway’s Kjetil Jansrud named the operate “epic” and Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway designated him the preferred. But overnight there was a change. The temperature rose, the sky clouded, and anything went a tiny gray. Grey — not a good hue for a 36-calendar year-previous hoping to become the oldest person to gain an Olympic alpine medal.

“It’s one of these times exactly where it’s challenging to say the place the time went,” he mentioned afterward.

The warmth smoothed out the snow and created the skis clatter a tiny considerably less, specially in the center and decrease sections. “The course just slowed down,” he claimed. They ended up the mistaken situations for a skier perpetually on the verge, who requires to be in a position to see where by every single corduroy of snow is to hold from catapulting into the safety fence. There were being no hues, absolutely nothing for his eyes to seize on to. The uninteresting sky and flat whites produced Miller squint — and hesitate just fractionally. The ailments stranded him in eighth put, though a 23-yr-aged, Mathias Mayer of Austria, took benefit of an before start and charged in excess of the decrease 50 percent of the course a lot more than a half second a lot quicker.

“I ski a little bit a lot more on the edge than most fellas, so I do not have as a great deal tolerance for not remaining ready to see the snow,” Miller said later. “I need to know exactly where the snow is. At the commencing of the transform, the middle of the change, I require to know exactly where the bump is ...

“It’s actually difficult to know that you are in an Olympic race with medals on the line, and you definitely want to get, to know that you’re likely to dial it back to eighty per cent.”

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See why altitude matters
For 50 % the race, Miller was continue to better than anybody, top via the initial two timed intervals. But then he bled fractions of seconds. There was no good wipeout, no blown prospect, just a succession of more compact pricey blunders, a few of clipped gates, and a a bit slipped line by a flip. All of which value him precious time.

But in the lengthier perspective, time and the clock have also been very good to Miller. Age has produced him more overtly committed, fewer enigmatic and ducking. It is specified him a fulfill-the-eyeness he utilized to deficiency.

As a youthful athlete his studied nonchalance was tough to take he pretended to shrug when he went medal-considerably less in the 2006 Turin Game titles, proclaiming he just preferred to ski “in a way that’s enjoyable for me,” taking the notion of it’s-not-the-place-it’s-the journey to intense. He courted publicity, and then jumped fences and took back again roads to stay clear of detailing his failure to stay up to it. He loathed dealing with the anticipations of some others.

There was no place-up work by Miller in this article. He verbally fully commited to the relevance of this race for him, something he has almost under no circumstances completed around the training course of his mercurial, uneven, all-about-the mountain job. Perhaps the mix of maturity and his gold-silver-bronze achievement in Vancouver designed him extra protected. For whatever explanation, Miller stepped up and laid down an ante: He wished this race, and he mentioned so. And when he didn’t get it, he confronted it squarely.

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What is the variance?
Miller has in no way cared so overtly about an result. At the end of the operate he bent double, then clutched at his helmet, and immediately after a minute sagged into a sitting place. In which he stayed for some time, likely more than the race in his head, conveying it to himself. When he obtained up and described it for the cameras, there was no trace of lament, or apology, just emotional honesty.

“I was just going by way of the run and observing if there was something that I would alter, or how I really feel,” he claimed. “Just like I’ve said a million occasions, I’m not often so attached to the final result, but you know, I would’ve beloved to get a gold medal these days — or any medal.”

As Miller crouched in the snow, staring back again up the hill, he tried using to cope with the probability that what could have been his finest chance to medal at his last Olympics was gone. He had so plainly been the best all as a result of the schooling runs. Even though he will ski the 4 remaining alpine gatherings, the weather might not be ideal the forecast phone calls for more warmth and clouds. He went above the race, inquiring himself “if I blew it, if I did some thing stupid.” The response was no. He had shed simply because the elemental mixtures did not favor him. The sky was not his mate, and neither was the stopwatch.

“It’s rough when you have to choose yourself, since the clock doesn’t genuinely seem to be to judge you pretty,” he said.

Pictures: View Picture Gallery:The 36-calendar year-old Miller is instruction for the Sochi Olympics, which would be his fifth Wintertime Online games.

Submission + - Top 4 GGJ14 Picks by Unity Blog (

Sabre Runner writes: The official blog of the Unity Game Engine, one of the most popular cross-platform game development environments available, has selected four games out of this year's Global Game Jam, an annual game development event in which games are created in a specific theme and in under 48 hours. The event's theme was "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are" and it produced over 4000 games, over half of which were made with the Unity Engine.
Each game is free to download or play on the web.
Disclosure: I worked on the game which is featured first and modeled for one of the characters.

Submission + - Florida Arrests High-Dollar Bitcoin Exchangers for Money Laundering (

tsu doh nimh writes: State authorities in Florida on Thursday announced criminal charges targeting three men who allegedly ran illegal businesses moving large amounts of cash in and out of the Bitcoin virtual currency. Experts say this is likely the first case in which Bitcoin vendors have been prosecuted under state anti-money laundering laws, and that prosecutions like these could shut down one of the last remaining avenues for purchasing Bitcoins anonymously.

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