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Comment Re:Yes, but.... (Score 1) 285

VB's runtime system and IDE can mask that. Sit two people down. The first is a reaonably intelligent person who has been trained in VB, the other is a gifted programmer who has to work with vim, the language of your choice, and a GUI toolkit. Give them a common business data entry problem to solve, and they both end up with something that works in a reasonable time. Task them with creating a program which finds economically optimal air travel itineraries using various data sources and meeting certain user defined criteria, and the first guy is out of his depth.

I happen to be in the second category. However, I am currently writing some code for a consulting gig I have in C#. One problem I'm having is that I have to "change the way I think" in order to work the "Microsoft Way". For example, when writing code in Visual Studio, it really wants you to declare your variable, implement the method that uses the variable, and then you can write the code that calls the method.

However, I usually work exactly the other way around. I write the highlevel code first, and the rest is just trivial details. MS makes it easy to do the trivial stuff.

There are other examples like this one. I'm not going to get into the productivity hit I take when I'm not using vim...

My point is that it is quite possible for a "trained VB" person to be more productive when doing VB-like tasks than someone like me.

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