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Journal Journal: Driving in Pittsburgh : Is This Hell? 2

Am in Pittsburgh these days, doing some work for a troubled customer. One of the things I like about my job is that I get to travel to all sorts of places, learning many valuable lessons in the process. Today, here in lovely Pittsburgh (lit. "City of Pits", or possibly "City from The Pit"), I learned about...

The Pennsylvania Turnpike (Not Your Friend). OK, so I'm on my way back to my hotel after today's work, and I decide to grab a healthy and nutritious dinner of grease-on-a-bun from Wendy's. Missing the miniscule entrance to the Wendy's parking lot, I take the next exit, intending to turn around. But lo, said exit turns out to be a secret on-ramp to, yes, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Funny thing about the Penna. Turnpike is that it has no exits. I realize that limited access is kind of the whole point of turnpikes, but this is excessive. Really. I end up having to drive halfways to $#@!ing Ohio or Virginia or somewhere like that (depending on which way I was going, which was either West or South, or possibly East) before being able to turn around. And THEN I had to sit in a 20-mile traffic jam before I could get back to what passes for civilization in these parts. According to the guys on the radio this morning, the governor of Pennsylvania recently announced that he's looking for a new State Slogan. He should call me -- I have some suggestions!

I also learned about streetlights and signs. Thing is, most major cities have an abundance of both of these. But Pittsburghers have seemingly come up with a novel idea for saving money: First, identify a semi-busy state highway going through a really confusing part of town. Then put up some helpful signs in key places, indicating things like the locations of off-ramps and the names of other major roads. To be extra helpful, put up some streetlights so people can see the signs even though the lettering is non-reflective. And then -- this is the good part -- save energy by turning the streetlights off at night. Brilliant, I say, just brilliant!
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Journal Journal: What to do with a Journal...

Cool, this thing works pretty well. Now I can freely unleash my opinions upon an unsuspecting world! Not that the world is likely to be watching this space, anxiously awaiting the next dose of my accumulated worldly wisdom -- but who cares what the world does anyway?!

For the benefit of anyone who might accidentally find themselves looking at this, I'll briefly summarize all my future journal entries as follows:
  1. Most people are idiots who do stupid and annoying things.
  2. I am not an idiot, hence I do not do stupid or annyoing things.
  3. The world would be better off if people did fewer stupid and annoying things.
  4. The world thus needs my opinions so more people can become enlightened non-idiots like me.

I realize that some people out there might disagree with some of my opinions or even, after reading this, dismiss me as some kind of rambling elitist. I invite those people to reflect on points #1 and #2 above. :-)

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Journal Journal: Test

Just noticed that I have a Journal here. Not sure what I can do with it. If this works right, mebbe I won't have to build my own blog system...

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