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Journal Daneboy's Journal: What to do with a Journal...

Cool, this thing works pretty well. Now I can freely unleash my opinions upon an unsuspecting world! Not that the world is likely to be watching this space, anxiously awaiting the next dose of my accumulated worldly wisdom -- but who cares what the world does anyway?!

For the benefit of anyone who might accidentally find themselves looking at this, I'll briefly summarize all my future journal entries as follows:
  1. Most people are idiots who do stupid and annoying things.
  2. I am not an idiot, hence I do not do stupid or annyoing things.
  3. The world would be better off if people did fewer stupid and annoying things.
  4. The world thus needs my opinions so more people can become enlightened non-idiots like me.

I realize that some people out there might disagree with some of my opinions or even, after reading this, dismiss me as some kind of rambling elitist. I invite those people to reflect on points #1 and #2 above. :-)

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What to do with a Journal...

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