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Comment Re:subsidy misnomer (Score 1) 117

> The last I checked, no cash was being given away to oil companies.

I am guessing you don't check often or you check in the wrong places (like Faux News).

Energy subsidies

As Oil Industry Fights a Tax, It Reaps Subsidies

These subsidies have been the subject of frequent battles in the lame US Congress.

Either way please read up on this crap and go crawl back under your rock.

Submission + - Illuminating window-less houses with a plastic bottle

DancesWithWolves writes: The BBC reports on Alfredo Moser who came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity — using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach. In the last two years his idea has spread throughout the world. It is expected to be in one million homes by early next year.'

Comment Hypocrites (Score 1) 151

Name one thing that other governments do that the US government hasn't already done. There is nothing. Torture? Check Indefinite detention of innocent people? Check Spying on own citizens? Check Lavish support and benefits for corporations at the expense of ordinary people? Check Americans need to get off their hypocritical high horse of "freedom", "liberty", "justice" and all that crap. They are no better than any of the dictatorships out there.

Comment How will this even solve the problem? (Score 1) 363

> The bill prohibits employers from demanding user names and passwords from employees and job applicants.

Now all an employer has to do is "suggest" that you "voluntarily" give up your Facebook password, but that your refusal will not have any impact on their hiring decision. And by a strange coincidence, no one who refuses will get hired.

Business as usual in the Land of Unfettered Capitalism

Comment At least our troops are cool... (Score 2) 192

Air Conditioning the Military Costs More Than NASA's entire Budget:
That says a lot about this country and where it's headed. It has no problem cooling troops in a war that has no purpose and no end, even when "we are broke!". But funding anything that might be remotely useful? Forget it!

Comment Re:The real question is... (Score 1) 454

I don't know which shop the OP bought his NAS from, but....

Take a look at the reviews posted on and (both seem to be run by the same company now). I don't trust them anymore. It's hard to find a product with less then 4 stars. Often the same products are reviewed less favorably on sites like Newegg.

Comment Re:Paper bills = accountability (Score 1) 285

You could save the online bills to your computer. Many of them are available as PDFs. But, yes, it requires a certain discipline on your part rather than just having them show up in the mail.

I also agree with other posters that companies don't generally do this to go "green", but to make a buck. That is why T-Mobile's plan sounds more offensive.

Comment Re:I agree; also, why invoke privacy? (Score 1) 629

Yes, I find it interesting that Americans get all fired up about privacy when a camera catches them running a red light - fired up enough to call their lawmakers and cause a 117-3 vote to ban the evil "privacy-invading" cameras.

But when their own government spies on their phone calls and emails with no warrant or cause, the response is a yawn and "Well, I have nothing to hide so why should I worry?".... Which begs the question: what are you hiding in your car then?

Seriously, look at your virulent response to red light cameras and the relatively quiet ease with which you have let your government spies get away with breaking the law.


Submission + - "Renewable" gasoline from bacteria!

ItsLenny writes: A San Carlos, CA based company called LS9 "The renewable petroleum company" developed a way to produce gasoline from bacteria.

Acording to MIT's Technology Review: "Next year LS9 will build a pilot plant in California to test and perfect the process, and the company hopes to be selling improved biodiesel and providing synthetic biocrudes to refineries for further processing within three to five years."

Submission + - Measured numbers follow logarithmic law

DancesWithWolves writes: Does your house address start with a 1? According to a strange mathematical law,about 1/3 of house numbers have 1 as their first digit. The same holds true for many other areas that have almost nothing in common: the Dow Jones index history, size of files stored on a PC, the length of the world's rivers, the numbers in newspapers' front page headlines, and many more.

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