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Comment Retro geek charm in watches. (Score -1) 778

I have an iPhone that tells me the time, but I wear a blue-tooth so I don't have to fish it out of my pocket and flash it around. Besides being convenient, a good watch is fun, if they are falling out of favor its because the average Walmart plastic watch is just junk. I love watches, but the choices today seem to be plastic crap, or $3000 mechanical marvels. So I favor mechanical geek watches. Mostly vintage Accutron watches, "The ones that ran on a 360hz electric tuning fork. Also, the occasional digital from when digital meant expensive. The TI digitals are retro antiques, anf the Accutrons were the most accurate watches in the world pre quartz. More reliable than a high end mechanical chronograph. The Accutron 214. This movement had a history with the space program, and there were 214 based timing mechanisms in the Apollo capsule, and some early satellites. And the same type of "tuning fork" watch updated for 1973, still working perfectly, Lastly, some vintage LEDs, which never seem to go 100% out of style.

Comment Re:Mass Hysteria (Score -1) 445

Yeah, thats probably about the size of it, some person has gone through my comments and tagged virtually every pro Apple post as trolling. :) They even "trolled" me for calling MYSELF an atheist! Now I know why people just post anon. Too many basement dwelling fanboys with grudges and nothing to do but mod down anyone they disagree with. This place makes El Reg Look mature. I think I shall join the great ranks of Anonymous cowards. Heh. I use Linux too but mysteriously that never gets "Trolled" I wonder why?

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