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Comment EaseUS Mobisaver Freecan download that stuff...Duh (Score 4, Interesting) 202

I just did this on a locked iPhone i Found Yesterday to try to identify the owner.

It was locked from too many bad PIN's entered and I was able to access Photos, Call Log, TXT Messages, etc.

Didn't give me access to every single thing on the phone, but that is still a lot considering this is a shareware limited app anyone can download.

There are more advanced Forensic programs that are available, but they can get more pricey.

But if anyone with google can find a shareware app, what hope to you have against the government with all their money and resources.

Comment Re:Haters (Score 1) 222

And you could have bought the Kinect separately for this purpose just like the Wii Fit Balance Board.

$100 piece of exercise equipment is cheap, but $500 for a console with hardware inferior to the $400 alternative doesn't make any sense.

I like playing rockband, but packaging every console with a guitar and set of drums wouldn't make much sense either.

Making everyone buy it just because you like it doesn't make sense.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't take gaming on computers seriousl (Score 1) 281

Right, because there market is the rich elite which don't care about games or play them on xbox, or techies which are smart enough to dual boot into windows.

So until their customers want games beyond Angy Birds, they won't and don't care.

Apple has never been about giving you freedom and customization, they want you to use their product they way they designed it for the purpose they designed it for.

Comment Re:It has to start somewhere (Score 2) 281

SteamOS could be just that. If it gains large popularity all the other distro's will want to make sure that they include everything the SteamOS uses for playing games so they can have access to that library of software.

SteamOS would become the Linux Gaming Standard that you want, it will just be called SteamOS Compatible.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't take gaming on computers seriousl (Score 0) 281

Apple does not care about building affordable anything: Computer, Laptops, Tablets, Phones are all of the highest priced variety.

Apple devices are designed to be expensive, it's part of their marketing. If the poor masses could all afford them then snobs and techies that buy them wouldn't want them.

I live in an area that has lots of wealthy well to do type people around and most of them have apple products and all they do is web browse and read e-mail, they bought them for the look, price, and because that's what all their friends and family were doing & they would feel cheap if they bought a PC / Android device at half the cost.

The only exception to this is iPhones, and that is just because the phone carrier's subsidize the proce over a 2 year contract.

Comment I recommend RedCloud for your Entry Control (Score 2) 336

I recommend using Red Cloud for Entry Control, it is absolutely reliable, feature rich and has excellent support.

Keys are a big inconvenience, plus it's nice to give keys to neighbors, house guests, relatives, etc and be able to specify dates, times, etc. for access as well as being able to deactivate a key whenever you want.

You can control all the doors with a Smart phone, in fact you can use your phone as the key, by holding it up to the reader.

Comment Run Everything to a Low Voltage / Electrical Close (Score 5, Informative) 336

Make sure you run everything, Coax, Cat5/6, Lighting Electrical, Alarms, etc. to a single Telco Closet, or one on each floor.
The biggest problem is usually having to run or rerun wires after construction do to poor planning.

Also put at least one Ethernet jack in every room. Wireless is subject to interference from neighbors, other 2.4 & 5 ghz devices, etc. plus you get use them for video, audio, etc. in the future if necessary.

That is where I would start, that way if you find later that you overlooked something, or decide to change some automation devices you will have the flexibility to do so.

I like the Bayweb Thermostats, it is easy to manage multiple HVAC units, which you will certainly have with a house that size.

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