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Comment Re:It's a search without a warrant. (Score 1) 337

"establish checkpoints on public highways in the vicinity of the Mexican border"

The checkpoint on the I-15 from San Diego north is 75 miles from the border, not even close to the vicinity of Mexico. My question is, at these Immigration Checkpoints, 75 miles from the border, can they seize or examine our laptops?

Comment Re:Dear Pranknet (Score 1) 543

From discussion with Republicans and what I have read, they basically believe that you shouldn't stay alive, simply because you can't afford to pay for your medical care yourself. You see, you aren't being "self reliant" which, according to Republicans, is the American Way, and more importantly, what Jesus taught his followers.

Comment Re:Dear Pranknet (Score 1) 543

If that is the worse thing you can come up with about NHS, you really have no idea how bad the private health insurance is in the US. Wow, you have to go register at a new doctor because you moved. How about being denied coverage? Or paying co-pays, deductibles and prescriptions on top of your premiums? Or losing your health care because you lost your job? Or being denied care because of a pre-existing condition?

Comment Re:these are not pranks! (Score 1) 543

If you had actually read the article he linked about the Italian Hall disaster, you would have read that 73 people died because someone FALSELY yelled fire. Instead of reading the link he posted, you insult him for not reading your post when his link precisely addressed your point. Maybe you should read his post before attempting to refute it.

Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 1505

The thing is, for the last 8 years, whenever I expressed any criticism for Bush, the usual response was something along the lines of "Why do you hate America?" or "Why do you support the terrorists?" Many Democrats experienced the same thing. The Republicans never felt the need to defend their guy on the facts either. I am not saying that you are incorrect, I get the same response myself, but it isn't limited to Obama supporters either.

Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 1505

Hmm, lets take a look at some of Bush's campaign promises:

"As President, Governor Bush the debt down to a historically low level."

"Governor Bush's income tax cuts will benefit all Americans, but they are especially focused on low and moderate income families."

"To restore confidence in government, [George W. Bush] will...attack pork-barrel spending."

"To restore confidence in government, George W. Bush will...return civility to the nomination process."

George W. Bush will "fully fund the Pell grant program for first-year students by increasing the maximum grant amount by more than 50 percent, to $5,100."

"There are 43 million uninsured Americans - 4 million more than when the current administration took office. George W. Bush will reverse this trend by making health insurance affordable for hard-working, low-income families."

Source for all those quotes is the Bush-Cheney 2000 website.

So lets see, how many of those did he accomplish in the first 100 days of office? None. How many did he accomplish period? None.

But Obama hasn't fulfilled every campaign promise in the first 100 days. He is a liar!

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