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Comment Useless laws (Score 1) 414

The reality is that all these bills are an attempt to make the people feel like the government is doing something about their fears. Gun control laws are not going to stop dedicated criminals from obtaining and misusing guns. Regulating ammunition would be more effective and even that will only be partially so. People can make their own ammo as well as making their own guns. The difference is that making your own ammo from scratch requires alot more work then just printing a gun these days. Either way though, bans and regulations are safety blanket measures. Something to make the the people feel safe without ever actually doing anything about the real problems.

Submission + - Apple Singled Out for Use of Conflict Minerals

konu writes: Problems surrounding the use of conflict minerals to make smartphones are by now well known. Although Apple has tried to lead the pack in addressing these issues, the company's actions paint a different picture. Out of the world's biggest smartphone manufacturers Apple is the only one that has not admitted to buying tin from Bangka Island, Indonesia. When George Monbiot tried to contact Apple for comment, the director of PR refused to be recorded.

Submission + - Nikola Tesla Monument Unveiled in New York (theguardian.com)

CodeArtisan writes: A monument in honor of Tesla was been unveiled by the Serbian President in New York state on Monday.

'Tomislav Nikolic told the crowd at Tesla's former Wardenclyffe laboratory in Long Island that the scientist was a man whose "ideas were larger than his time", in a ceremony that also served as an opportunity for the Serbian president to remind the world of Tesla's nationality.'

Submission + - Science Fiction Writer Proposes 12 Mile Skyscraper to Launch Rockets into Space (inhabitat.com) 3

Taffykay writes: Science Fiction author Neal Stephenson has teamed up with Arizona State University engineers and scientists to design a 12.4 mile tall skyscraper that would be used to launch rockets into space. Part of Project Hieroglyph, which encourages scientists to dream big, the skyscraper would be 24 times taller than the current world record holder in Dubai — the 2,722 foot Burj Dubai — if it ever lifts off the ground.

Comment Re:what a surprise (Score 1) 620

To the best of my knowledge they have been upstanding in and out of work. As someone pointed out its different in different places and in cities with more people you have more cops and more chances for bad ones. And yes in a city with millions in it, its not hard for people to develop an us vs them mentality with a group of people they have close contact with and are expected to support on a regular basis. I wont say there are no bad cops. All I am saying is we cant judge everyone by the actions of a few.

Comment Re:what a surprise (Score 3, Insightful) 620

Not all cops are bullies, liars, or thugs. I have personally known some very nice ones. Unfortunately all jobs done by people get good and bad ones alike. Yes there are some bad cops. There are also alot of officers who just have to put up with bad people all day. I know its a pipe dream but I wish people would stop making horrible generalizations just because they see one bad egg. You might do well to remember that police officers go out every day all over world with the prospect of not making it home that night. All in the name of protecting people like you and me.

Comment Re:Just kick him out. (Score 1) 338

GTFO may not be an option but if Dad is paying for the internet and or subscription fee then he can most certainly cut those off. Any parent that whines about their kids playing online games too much is just being a bad parent. I have no problem taking away my sons computer or his network cable/wireless adapter and telling him he can pay for his own if he wants to abuse it. My son is limited on his computer time and not allowed on it during school days except for school work purposes.

Comment Re:Gingrich & Huckabee Weigh In (Score 4, Interesting) 1168

His parents should be in prison. They are directly responsible because they didn't get their son the help that he needed.

Do you have any idea how hard it is for people to get serious and effective mental health treatment? Half the medical insurance companies don't pay it or charge rediculous copays. For the government to do anything he would have to have been arrested and that usually leads to prison, not quality mental health care. His access to guns and games can be debated until everyone is blue in the face. It is still likely he would have performed some kind of violent act. I dont blame his parents alone, I blame the country. If we spent half the time we waste raging against god, guns, games, and godlessness on developing a social concience. We might actually solve a few problems in this country, if not the world. I weep for all the souls lost in this tragedy, even the shooters.

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