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Journal Journal: News Flash: Fire now Obsolete

So I was surfing the web the other day trying to figure out what in the heck Web2.0 is and among other things I ran into the home page of Tim Berners-Lee ( If you've never heard of him don't feel like an idiot, neither did I. Turns out he is the reason you are reading this right now because he is the guy who invented this little thing called the World Wide Web. (no it wasn't Al Gore)

Now he's got a new project called the Semantic Web, which as far as I can tell is going the be the closest thing to artificial intelligence that we mere humans have come up with yet. I say we because I too was fascinated with this subject back in the late 80's when I first started programing on the Apple IIe. Anyhow, so what then if this actually happens? Will Sky-net become self aware and start killing all the humans?

Well I personally think that this is the beginning of a whole new era for mankind, and that the Internet is the best thing we have invented since fire. Come to think of it, fire is obsolete anyway, I'll take my electric blanket and a nuked cup of chi-tea any day over a pile of burning logs and a coconut shell full of hot water and leaves.

What's this got to do with Web2.0 you ask? well everything. Thats what the new Internet is going to bring. You will be able to do virtually everything online eventually, forget about all your installed software except for your browser. In fact they will eventually sell computers with nothing else but a built in web browser that's always on. Need to buy something? Check the web; Need a Girlfriend? Ask the web to hook you up; Need world peace? Ask the web to figure it out for you; Need some excercise? plug in your electronicly activated muscle stimulators that simulate that your jogging and while your at it put on your virtual reality headgear and take a jog past the Eiffel Tower.

Yeah, Fire? what were they thinking?

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