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Comment Library (Score 1) 321

Kindle Killer = Local Library. Go check out a book. With the exception of a library keeping track of the date time and book you checked out, a book wont datamine or track your preferences or habits. Thats a kindle killer.

Comment No. (Score 1) 421

Buddy of mine was selected, and his company bought it for 'testing purposes as well like most here. Anyways, he brought it out one day and was showing it off to a bunch of us nerds getting beers at the local watering hole. Honestly, I got bored with it after 2 minutes of fumbling around with it. Its clumsy and did not bring me "value". In stead of looking down at your phone, getting the same information, now you can stare straight ahead at someone across the table and appear engaging in a conversation but instead with your "Glass "as you would engage with your phone. Its the new modern day version of the fanny pack in my opinion. But to answer OP, should you get Glass? No. Go invest your 1500 wisely elsewhere. (score: 0)

Comment MASS EXODUS (Score 2) 2219

Tl;DR Go google "Audiworld" "KAWF" "Exodus" Few years ago, was bought out by Internetbrands. Audiworld's underlying forum engine is an open source project called KAWF. Its a threaded style and most would call basic. Its "Audience" though otherwise. Fast forward: All of InternetBrands automotive forums they own, runs a forum engine by vBulliten. Well, that didnt align up to what the rest of their portfolio they owned (eg common underlying foundation to make it easy to push ads to their "Audience" $$$$$$) IB created a Beta site to preview the NEW Audiworld. With credit, they made a solid attempt to keep the look and feel of the old forums to please the hundreds of thousands of members of its "Audience" daily. It wasnt the same. In the end the community "Audience" said a resounding "No, we dont like it". InternetBrands made the change anyways. After all Management knows better than its "Audience" A few of the core "audience" started another website called which ran the opensource KAWF forum software that they created similar feel for their "Audience" The result was a HUGE mass exodus. Any reference on Audiworld pointing to Quattroworld, InternetBrands immediately started removing the posts so people can find their new home. Their familiar community. Audiworld sits today a former to its once glorious self with little "Audience" but its not the 400lb gorilla it once was. Dice... Take a lesson. Sure, you can change over . Your management knows better than these insensitive clods here. You can introduce bot posted articles that promote a self serving advertising interest. You can make the look and feel easier to browse on phone. (I dont BTW) You will run off the nerds to another news for nerds forums. I only have a six digit 500K UserID, so I dont know what I'm talking about.

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