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Submission + - UK EU referendum voter registration website issues

Dainutehvs writes: Multiple sources report that UK government voter registration website crashed on Tuesday as almost a quarter of a million people tried to access it in the final hours before the midnight deadline. Government is expected to invoke emergency legislation to extend the deadline to register to vote in the EU referendum to the end of Thursday. Should one take it as unexpected disaster that could not be prevented? The world of 'on-demand-scalability' seams to be fundamentally incompatible with complete control over the systems that governments need. Besides .. why one has to register to participate in referendum at all (presumably UK government should already know who their vote-eligible citizens are .. I mean there should be some kind of electronic register already) — their explanation "If you don't register, you can't vote!" does not help too much.

Comment and Washington Post (Score 2) 93

Versions of Linux have proved vulnerable to serious bugs in recent years., the Web site that facilitates extramarital affairs and suffered an embarrassing data breach in July, was reportedly running Linux on its servers, as do many companies.. Those problems did not involve the kernel itself, but experts say the kernel has become a popular target for hackers building “botnets,” giant networks of computers that can be organized to initiate cyberattacks.

People in also were reading Washington Post .. their hack was not related to this fact but many experts say badly edited newspapers become a popular and easy target for populists.

Comment Transparency-related organizations (Score 1) 114

"offer of work from another transparency-related organization" it illustrates just so well how the 'transparency related organizations' work and what are their true objectives.
Do they care that guy tried to use flaw in law to get unfair advantage -NO
Do they care if guy knows something and in fact could be an imbecile - NO
Do they care if all this case is silly hype - NO
I guess all these 'transparency-related organizations' ever want is attention, noise, proving somebody (but the best - be it government or corporation) being idiot or villain, regardless of facts, causes, any purpose or any common sense.

Submission + - BitTorrent Launches Its Torrent-Based Browser Project Maelstrom In Beta

An anonymous reader writes: BitTorrent today launched Project Maelstrom, the company's distributed browser, in beta. The company also released new tools on GitHub that let developers and publishers build content for the browser. Announced in December, BitTorrent described Project Maelstrom, then just an invite-only alpha, as “the first torrent-based browser.” The launch today is an open beta, meaning anyone can now try an early version of Maelstrom. You do, however, need a Windows computer. Windows users can download the beta now from here. Since the alpha, BitTorrent says it has improved stability, integrated support for automatic updates, and added DHT visualization for users when loading torrents.

Submission + - First head transplant volunteer could experience something "worse than death ( writes: For the first time in history a 30-year-old Russian man will become the live guinea pig for human head transplant operation. Valery Spiridonov announced that he will become the subject of the first human head transplant ever performed. He said that he had himself volunteered to have his head removed and installed on another person’s body.

If you think this is some kind of joke, no we are serious. Earlier this year, Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero outlined the transplant technique he intends to follow in the journal Surgical Neurology International, and said he planned to launch the project at the annual conference of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons (AANOS) in the US in June, where he will invite other researchers to join him in his head transplant dream.

Now with Spiridonov volunteering to be a live guinea pig for Canavero, his head transplant dream could be a success or unluckily for Spiridonov fail. Christopher Hootan at The Independent says is predicted to be a 36-hour operation requiring the assistance of 150 doctors and nurses.

Hootan in his report dug into the mysteries of head transplant.

“A Werdnig-Hoffman disease sufferer with rapidly declining health, Spiridonov is willing to take a punt on this very experimental surgery and you can’t really blame him, but while he is prepared for the possibility that the body will reject his head and he will die, his fate could be considerably worse than death,” says Hootan.

Another eminent personality Dr Hunt Batjer who is the president elect of the American Association for Neurological Surgeons, stated that, “I would not wish this on anyone. I would not allow anyone to do it to me as there are a lot of things worse than death.”

Submission + - Florida teen charged with felony hacking for using password teacher gave him ( 2

colinneagle writes: A 14-year-old middle school student in Holiday, Florida, was arrested this week and charged with "an offense against a computer system and unauthorized access," which is a felony. The student reportedly used an administrator password to log into a teacher's computer and change the background image to a photo of two men kissing.

The student also revealed his secrets after he was caught – the password was the teacher's last name, and the teacher had typed it in in full view of the students. The student said many other students used these administrators' passwords (their teachers' last names) so they can screen-share and video chat with other students.

The student was briefly held in a nearby detention center, and the county Sheriff warned that other teenagers caught doing the same thing will "face the same consequences."

Comment In the Land of Invented Languages (Score 1) 626

I'd urge you to read that peace by Arika Okrent. Apart from reading stories about miscelenious freaks, geniuses and villains you will understanding why you will most likely fail. According to Okrent there are 2 main reasons why folks invent language
1- remove ambiguity and find universal tool for describing everything (Lojban being last interesting attempt)
2- easy-to learn communications tool (Esperanto, Ido and similar)
3- pure fun (creations by Tolkien and authors of Star Wars (sorry do not remember language names anymore)
And you will fail in any of those categories because .. well I'll not spoil it :)

Submission + - Bridgestone - IBM case (

Dainutehvs writes: Business Insider reports that Bridgestone is suing IBM over a poorly designed, implemented, tested and delivered computer system. Total cost of the system was over 75 million USD. Bridgestones complaint reports the drama which started to resolve in year 2005 when they started set of projects to replace its legacy Customer Order Processing System which is written in COBOL "to better serve its customers, to better integrate and standardize systems across multiple locations, and to replace aging systems as necessary to position itself for growth". Disaster took place 7 years later — during first 6 months of 2012. According to Bridgestone — IBM was providing "outdated", "unsuitable" and "non-standard" solution design, assigning personnel to the project who lacked the represented expertise, experience, and qualifications and delivering mission-critical work product that was defective, or carried unreasonable risk of failure. Bridgestone also states that IBMs WebSphere Process Server was not the appropriate middleware for the design solution because it added too much unnecessary complexity and instability to the solution when better IBM middleware products were available and should have been used on the project.
IBM is defending vigorously stating that Bridgestone have only to blame themselves. During project Bridgestone had management problems (replaced CIO 6 times during project), took bad decisions (insisted on "big-bang" go-live, insisted on scheduled go-live date regardless of IBMs urges and written warnings and they gave IBM a release). According to IBM — Bridgestone had tried several times with other vendors and failed to upgrade its system and IBM was the only vendor to succeed in completing the upgrade to SAP.

Comment Attention economy (Score 4, Insightful) 228

I like the concept. Actually I think it is brilliant. There are gazillions of things that fight over our attention every day just as we open our eyes. We live in constant noise of commercials/e-mails/calls/banners/meeting-requests/u-name-it. And the most efficient way to reach a person is to be loud. And annoying. And it costs virtually nothing. And intermediaries - ad agencies etc. are those who take the most advantage and profit from this mess. But with this concept - everybody can charge for for their attention Directly . Maybe mr. everybodys attention starts to be Valued . IIn that case it would be like giving the power back to the people!


Submission + - Microsoft to keep control of two Zeus botnets (

Dainutehvs writes: Eweek reports that Microsoft won a court order on Nov. 28 to allow the company and its financial-services partners to continue to administer command-and-control servers for two Zeus botnets that had been shut down by the company's legal and technical campaign in March 2012. Do You think it is fair? Speculations what on earth will they do with those poor infected machines...

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