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Comment Re:Awful summary (Score 2) 211

Glad you said this because I was otherwise not going to bother reading the story. The first sentence of the summary had me intrigued about a potentially new scientific discovery, but the second made me think that the story was probably just bait to make me read yet another global warming parable.

"Once upon a time there was a nice planet called Venus. Billions of years ago Venus may have been similar to the Earth in some respects, having oceans, etc.. However, its closeness to the sun and slow rotation caused it to be both hotter than Earth and subject to more ultraviolet radiation. It is hypothesized that this may have accelerated the evaporation of water and created an excess of carbon dioxide leading to a naturally-caused runaway greenhouse effect."


"Once upon a time there was a nice planet called Venus. Venus was just like Earth. The planet began producing carbon dioxide, just like big-business run factories do. This eventually led to a runaway greenhouse effect. This will happen on Earth soon unless we do something about it because Venus is just like the Earth."

-ah, much better-

Comment Why say this, just say this. (Score 1) 314

Why say all this?
Consumers are abandoning video game consoles
Consumers are abandoning wired internet
Consumers are abandoning PCs
Consumers are abandoning cars
Consumers are abandoning colleges

Just say...
Consumers will soon use mobile phones for *everything* (coming soon, the pizza flavored iPhone).

Comment Abandoning? (Score 2) 352

Really? If we only had cars and suddenly motorcycles and pickup trucks were introduced, would we say people are "abandoning" cars when car sales suddenly take a drop? I hear everyone is abandoning PCs for tablets too. And abandoning still photography for video. And abandoning butter for margarine ( I dating myself).

Comment Re:meh (Score 0) 164

Yes its much easier to remember that a meter is the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during the time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a second, than it is to remember that a yard is about the length of three of my feet. I was up in Montreal recently and received a cup of water in a restaurant with a line drawn on it that said .25L. I thought that was hysterical. If their standard was the quart, it could have just said 1 cup.

Comment No story here (Score 2) 133

There isn't really a story here. There may be a few classics here, but this is no golden age arcade, especially considering the stock of late era look-alike candy cabs. If this arcade had been mothballed and locked-up in, say, 1983 or 84, that would be cool. Otherwise, there isn't anything very special here.

Comment Old way, New way (Score 2) 74

Old way.

1. Buy Photoshop CC, create thousands of editable images using CS6 proprietary features and saved in CS6 proprietary format. Cool.
2. Loved CC, but Acme Studios has finally released a superior product that will improve my images and workflow. It's incompatible with PS CC, but that's ok.
3. Buy Acme Studios to edit my new images; continue to use CS6 in parallel to edit my old images.

New way

1. Buy Photoshop CC, create thousands of editable images using CC only proprietary features and saved in CC only proprietary format. Cool.
2. Loved CC, but Acme Studios has finally released a superior product that will improve my images and workflow. It's incompatible with CC, but...oooh I think I'm seeing a problem.
3. Buy new software to edit my new images, but must continue to pay $$ ransom to Adobe to unlock and edit my old images forever and ever. Oops. Hmmm.

Moral. Until Acme Studios comes out, use CS6 and collaborate on your own terms.

Comment Killer app? (Score 1) 134

Look, I'm still waiting for a killer smartphone app that motivates me well enough to upgrade from my flip phone. Now if someday I walk up to the vending machine at work and it will only accept payments via mobile app, that might do it. On the other hand, the cost/value equation of paying $300 more a year on my cell phone bill just for vending machine access might end up keeping me on a diet. As for Google Glass, perhaps the ability to just look at that Snickers bar and have it fall into my hands might make it worth it. Decisions, decisions.

Comment Re:This is why I'm keeping my truck for forever (Score 1) 658

I'm about as religiously conservative as they come, and I think you've got the wrong villain in you sights. Cradle to grave monitoring and control is a collectivist policy, which like much of current liberal thinking, accepts the ceding of privacy to the state as a contemporary norm. I've never talked to a conservative Christian in any of my circles having the point of view that the state should be entrusted with the right to inspect our daily lives. Rather, they tend to strongly advocate personal freedom, responsibility, and privacy. If you blame the religious conservatives for this sort of thing and they all go away, all you'll have left are the government and those who think government is pretty much the equivalent of God. Of course, I'm sure you'll eventually come to terms with this since there isn't a liberal around who, once they find that they can surreptitiously follow the creationists or any other of their selected villains around, wouldn't love to exercise their omnipotence.

Comment Re:Not entirely fair comparison (Score 1) 136

I don't consider adaptive optics "additive" or "artificial". Adaptive optics, as I understand them, do not add new light but correct existing light like a sophisticated focuser. To me, the non-corrected image distorted by the atmosphere is more artificial than the corrected image, in which the atmospheric distortion has been subtracted out . Just as the repair work on the Hubble (or the optics on your glasses) did not "create" new or artificial light, neither does adaptive optics. One of the ways this can be proved is that in a post-processed image, you can only extract or enhance what is there. In this case, we are seeing detail that no post processing of the light could have visually revealed. This is not additive or artificial detail, it is real detail.

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