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Comment Re:Does DuckDuckGo have something similar? (Score 1) 429

The word originated as a term for burnt offerings to God in Jewish religious ceremonies, so yeah they kinda do.

The generic word you're looking for, for a killing off of an entire people, is "genocide". The Holocaust is a specific genocide the way Los Angeles is a specific city; you wouldn't say something like "the Massachuetts los angeles" when what you mean is Boston, even though Boston is the same kind of thing as Los Angeles, a city. Because it's not that specific city by that name.

Comment Re:Grammar Nazi to the rescue! (Score 1) 154

Commenter grammar is one thing, editor grammar is another -- and quotes from the article grammar is something else entirely! The latter two categories profess to be increasingly professional writers. Writing is their job. So yeah, when they do it badly, that's shit.

But when ordinary people who aren't professing to be producing writing as a product for money make casual mistakes, who cares, yeah.

Comment Grammar Nazi to the rescue! (Score 2, Informative) 154

something that laptop, tablet, and smartphone owners can all relate.

Unless you mean that those people will all testify to the aforementioned something, you're missing either a "to" or a "to which" depending on how pedantic you want to be. Those people don't relate it; they relate to it. It is something they can relate to, or if you want to be fancy, it is something to which they can relate.

Comment Re:No, They are Not Bullshit (Score 1) 498

You know, this gives me an interesting idea.

If a super hard password that has to be written down to be remembered is basically a "what you have", then require one of those and also another much easier-to-remember password that users will actually be able to remember. Now you have two-factor authorization.

This is not so different from the card-and-PIN situation used for ATMs. The card is basically just storing a long password for you that you don't have to bother memorizing, the the PIN is an easy-to-remember password that you don't need to write down. The only difference here is that you can write down the hard-to-memorize part of it however you want, and you have to manually type it in.

Comment Re:Why a threshold? (Score 1) 60

That makes me think of another good reason to do this: since light users won't make much of a dent in available bandwidth, prioritizing them ensures that the largest number of users get full speed for all their usage. Like how if you have many things to do, you can get more of them done sooner by doing the quick ones first.

Comment Re: Newsflash (Score 1) 519

I would also prefer that, so long as I'm allowed to delegate. Being president sounds hard and I wouldn't trust myself to do it alone, but I sure as hell could pick better people to help than Trump has.

Not that a week or two would really be enough time to accomplish anything, though.

Comment Re:Why a threshold? (Score 1) 60

Why three tiers? If fewer is better, why not two, or just one? If more is better, why not ten, or a hundred, or a thousand... which in the limit becomes what I was suggesting.

Unless someone can give a reason why some particular arbitrary number of tiers is best, it seems the obvious default is either no tiers (which is to say, one tier, everyone gets equal priority) or continuous ranking of prioritization like I suggested.

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