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Comment Re:The fall of the free empire (Score 1) 458

Ya know, I've always wondered about this...what is it that draws tornadoes to trailer parks? If there is a trailer park anywhere near the path you just know they are fucked, as it seems a tornado will go out of its way to take that fucker out. Since I doubt tornadoes are just snobs I have to wonder, what is it? Magnetism?

I wonder if it's because trailer parks are built on large sections of flat land?


Submission + - China's High-Speed Trains Coming Off the Rails

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Washington Post reports that China’s expanding network of ultramodern high-speed trains is coming under growing scrutiny over costs and because of concerns that builders ignored safety standards in the quest to build faster trains in record time as new leadership at the Railways Ministry announced that to enhance safety, the top speed of all trains was being decreased from about 218 mph to 186. Without elaborating, the ministry called the safety situation “severe” and said it was launching safety checks along the entire network of tracks. Meanwhile China's Finance Ministry announced that the Railways Ministry continues to lose money as the ministry’s debt stands at $276 billion, almost all borrowed from Chinese banks. "In China, we will have a debt crisis — a high-speed rail debt crisis," says Zhao Jian, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University and longtime critic of high-speed rail who worries that the cost of the project might have created a hidden debt bomb that threatens China’s banking system. "I think it is more serious than your subprime mortgage crisis. You can always leave a house or use it. The rail system is there. It’s a burden. You must operate the rail system, and when you operate it, the cost is very high.""

Submission + - Verizon experiencing outage to 4G network ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Verizon customers nationwide are having problems connecting to the 4G (LTE) network. Verizon says that in some cases the devices (such as iPads and Driod phones) are reverting to 1G data speeds, but are still able to make voice calls. Reports are that some data devices are not connecting at all. No ETA on service reinstatement.

Comment Re:Also appears to contain typical RIM.. (Score 1) 260

Of course, it's probably no coincidence they are annoying as hell *and* are so popular in the 'enterprise' space.

That pretty much sums up my feelings on Cisco as well. Companies like this think that they can charge a markup on their products because it is "enterprise proven", but it's only a matter of time until a company like Apple/Google or Juniper/Sonicwall comes along and offers a compelling reason to switch.

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