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Comment Re:Jaunty bluetooth may or may not work (Score 1) 2

search for bluetooth jaunty and see what luck you have

For some it is still borked others it works

Thanks for the suggestion... Though looks at this time to be a highly doubtful venture. Think slashdot may be trying to tell me something with the quote there at the bottom though, lol...

Finagle's First Law: If an experiment works, something has gone wrong.


Journal Journal: Bluetooth Sync with Palm within Jaunty 2

So I have started out on the journey to get my Palm Treo 700p to sync it's data through BT to my netbook. So far, not good. Errors galore. I will say that I have learned more about BT's inner workings then I first set out to know, which is cool, but would be so much cooler if I was working it. Wondering if anyone else out there has met with any success in this department, and if so, please, avow me with your wisdom. I seek it hungrily! Till next time, Daem(Off) [On] to, sometimes...

How APB's Persistent World Will Work 33

Edge Magazine recently sat down with David Jones, creative director for Realtime Worlds, the studio behind upcoming action MMO APB. He spends some time talking about their thinking behind the game, and he also gets into how their persistent online worlds will work. Quoting: "... you absolutely want 'moments' in the game. Even if it's just for thirty minutes, you want people to become celebrities — OJ Simpson on TV with the police chasing after him: you want those kind of moments in the game. We can't create them, so it's about what mission can ultimately lead to those kinds of experiences. We have what we call heat mechanics in the game, so if a criminal has just been on a complete rampage, recklessly blowing stuff up and killing people, heat builds up until eventually we unlock him to every single enforcer on the server. It's not part of their missions, it's just that this guy has become number one wanted and everyone has the authority to take him down. That's a fun mechanic from both sides; everybody who's a criminal is going to want to reach that and if you're on a mission for the enforcers you'll see that guy and wonder whether you should break away to get him. You get a lot of compound stuff which we never planned for, because it's a hundred real players interacting in ways we don't expect."

Comment Milliways, Infocom & risking being eaten by a (Score 3, Interesting) 142

I really miss the old Infocom games. I remember playing them the first round through in elementary school, HHGTtG gave my brain a real hardcore tease for the longest time. IF (Interactive Fiction) is just so much fun, for both authors as well as players.

Anybody else read the Choose Your Own Adventure series? I used to have the whole collection, I just wish they were longer. Would love to see something more along these lines for adults. (My gutter-fabulous mind can only start to envision some of the more 'adult' "tails" that could be chosen. *starts chortling to self*

I think also would be great to see a revival of the old games we used to play on BBS'. Still to this day trying to remember the title of this one, it simulated hacking, sort of like GIbson's Johnny Mnemonic, pre-Shadowrun sort of era. Turn based, only got so many a day, and I believe it was interactive with the other players as well, as you rose up in levels.

Well, probably enough nostalgia for now... Should get back to social-notworking....

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