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Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 800

I love Win8's Start screen. I took 5 minutes to organize it and get rid of the stupid Metro apps I don't use. I have a column of work-related things, a column of fun things, and a bunch of stuff I use occasionally. To open a program I press the Windows key, then mouse over a tiny amount to what I want. Way faster workflow than I ever had before. When I try to use my kids' Win7 machine, I now find the Start menu painful.

Comment Thanks (Score 1) 1521

I don't really have anything new to add to the conversation, but I want to say thanks.

I discovered Slashdot while I was in college, about 10 years ago. I used it to get current events to talk about in my computers and ethics class. Since then, I've checked it nearly daily. I've spent many a happy lunch hour hanging around this site. There are other sites for news and discussion, but I've always come back to /.

Thanks again, Rob. I hope your next project, whatever it may be, is as successful, or at least fun, as this has been.

Comment Re:Goodbye Hulu (Score 1) 434

I might be wrong (someone official, please correct me if I am) but it does look like some of the shows that used to be entirely free will now be behind the Hulu Plus paywall. For example, Miami Vice currently has 4 seasons available. That's on the list of shows that will be available in Hulu Plus. Does this mean that it will no longer be available for free? Or will they be changing it (like they did with Buffy and Arrested Development) so that only one season at a time is available?

Honestly, I rarely watch the older shows, and I'm ok with Hulu keeping the latest 5 or so episodes of the shows I watch. It looks like very little will actually change for me, either.

Comment The right place for it (Score 1) 66

Maybe the Guggenheim has changed in the last 15 years, but the last time I was there nearly every piece of "art" that I saw was some pointless sculpture. For example, one sculpture was just barbed wire wrapped around a tree trunk. This is art? I only remember one piece that I liked in the entire museum (a painting of a lobster and a cat done by Picasso, I think). This is the perfect place to show off awful, pointless videos. They'll fit right in.

Comment Re:Babylon 5 / Firefly / Star Blazers (Score 1) 955

Thank you. If not for your name, I'd have sworn I wrote your post. At the end of Lost we knew nothing more than the characters themselves did (except Hurley, but he probably has a few hundred years more experience than the rest). That's how it had always been through the show. I enjoyed the ending. Bad guys got what they deserved, good guys got what they deserved. And everything I wanted answered was given at least a vague explanation somewhere in season 6.

Comment Re:And they didn't see this coming? (Score 1) 497

I will be so very, very glad when I never have to see a Flash ridden site again.

Out of curiosity, what does HTML5 have in it that will prevent web developers from making sites that are just as annoying as Flash-based ones? I'm purely an applications developer, not a web developer, but it seems to me that you can stick a whole bunch of video tags on a page and you'll have a site that looks suspiciously like most of the web does now. At least right now I can use FlashBlock in Firefox to keep the useless Flash stuff hidden.

Comment Re:Is it me or is he sounding more desperate? (Score 4, Insightful) 733

There is a difference between art and entertainment, in that there is art that simply isn't entertaining. This applies to sculpture, paintings, movies and even video games. Movies are an art form. And I've seen some that were simply no good. This doesn't mean they weren't art. They were simply bad art. I've seen sculptures that were the same. Someone thought that a piece of barbed wire wrapped around a tree trunk deserved a place in the Guggenheim museum. They must have thought it was art. I thought it was something that should have been thrown away. I'm not saying that GTA IV is good art. I've never played it. But I do think that any game that makes you feel some real emotion or makes you think is artistic at some level. It's not the Mona Lisa, but it's something.

New Aliens Vs. Predator Game Doesn't Make It Past AU Ratings Board 277

An anonymous reader writes "Australia refused to give Rebellion's new Aliens Vs. Predator game a rating, effectively banning it in the country. Rebellion says it won't be submitting an edited version for another round of classifications, however. (As Valve did with Left 4 Dead 2.) They said, 'We will not be releasing a sanitized or cut down version for territories where adults are not considered by their governments to be able to make their own entertainment choices.'"

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