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Comment Gopher Blue (Score 1) 225

Gopher Blue was the main one I used back then, even remember having to run a program to convert the 7bit ascii stream back to 8bit binary after receiving it from there! They had a large repository of AtariST utility programs! All part of running a Citadel BBS for the AtariST community in my area! I got access through our local university's dial-up system. Going from 300baud to 1200baud was a real treat back then!

Comment Re:if it doesnt work (Score 1) 464

I was very near sighted all my life, till I lens replacement surgery. Now I can drive without glasses, but have a bit of uncorrected astigmatism, so opted for tri-focals. With my tri-focals I have perfect vision at distance and have the middle lens for the monitor and the speedometer in the car, and the bottom lens makes reading a pleasure! Blended lenses are a compromise for those vanity won't let them admit to anyone they are over 40!!

Comment Re:This raises some questions (Score 1) 172

Had a PRS-505, now have a PRS-T1, never used the Sony store after the original registration. All my content is in epub, pdf, rtf, etc. all acquired from places like baenebooks.com kobo.com and my public library. Get Calibre to use as your ebook library software and it will manage your books on your computer and your Sony PRS-T3. The biggest advantage to the Sony Readers that no one mentions is the ability to sort by more than the title of the books, When you have 500+ books on the Reader, it is nice to be able to sort by series, (which the Sony calls Collections), author and date added as well as just the title.

Comment I've been seeing this a LOT on Facebook (Score 2) 18

I've been seeing this a LOT on Facebook. I myself am not stupid enough to log in to a site I am already logged into, but this has bitten a whole lot of my less savvy "friends"! Seems to be a regular Phishing feature where there is slightly risque picture and when you click to see full size they want you to prove you are over 13 by logging in ! Hah! Not happening!

Comment I remember him for GEM (Score 4, Interesting) 99

The GEM Graphic environment manager, would have been the world standard, well expect for the "Look and Feel" Lawsuit that Apple brought against it when it was released for the IBM PC and Clones. After the settlement it was so neutered as to be fairly useless! It was a dream to use in it's full implementation on the Atari 1040ST. Drag and drop and a windowed environment way before Microsoft got around to it!

Comment The New "Standard" business Model (Score 1) 769

Sell device at or below cost, make sure it only works with your highly, or moderately over priced (ink cart, eBook, razor blade refill, coffee pod, or whatever)!! I this case, I own an espresso machine and can hit the brew button for a second double shot of water for cafe Americano in about the same time as a K-Cup machine! For every day I'll stick to French press and grind my own beans, I own a pump pot carafe, so good to go for the whole day!!

Comment Re:You mean other than what is installed by Defaul (Score 1) 531

That is the expected behavior in Calibre! When you open a file with it, it adds that book to your Calibre Library. If you only want one copy of the book delete the file in the original location. It is after all, primarily an ebook library management system. The conversion feature is really secondary, though very welcome since i don't need an extra application just for that! The editing and creation features have been greatly enhanced lately also! If you care to dig into it, it can do some pretty amazing and complicated things with ebooks, most of which Thankfully I don't need to do!!

Comment You mean other than what is installed by Default? (Score 3, Informative) 531

That would be Thunderbird, followed by Calibre and Skype. I don't care for Evolution, so Thunderbird which is nice and simple to use! Calibre since I have a Sony Reader which uses epub format, since Calibre can convert just about any eBook format to just about any other one, as long as they are not DRMed, it also keeps my eBook library nicely organized. Skype is because one son lives 800 miles away and another 6,157 miles away right now, and Skype works with MS, Apple and Linux OSes so we can keep in touch and see each others faces once in a while!

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