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Comment Kernel Documentation (Score 2) 58

What is being done to improve the Linux Kernel documentation in both structure and completeness?

A good white paper was already written about what needs to be improved and yet the mailing list discussions are just endless bike shedding. Here is the white paper:
https://www.kernel.org/doc/ols... There appears to be no person who the buck stops with. Furthermore based on 3 years of reading the mailing list I seriously doubt more than 2-5 people on the mailing list actually understand what good documentation is, let alone how to write it.

Comment Re:write a new story? (Score 1) 396

Yes and I can tell you exactly why it failed. Look at who was writing it David E. Kelley. He did Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, L.A. Law, and The Practice. Notice the trend of the kind of shows this guy developers. How is someone who makes essentially throw away TV shows going to handle the clash between modern and mythos? Kelley messed it up big time, he delivered what he thought was good instead of what the fans wanted.

The best written Wonder Woman comics are the ones Greg Rucka did. Read those and you can see what a good story and character look like.


Submission + - What should we do about Wikipedia's porn problem? (larrysanger.org) 3

Larry Sanger writes: "In 2011, the Wikimedia Board committed to installing a "controversial content" filter even weaker than Google's SafeSearch, as proposed by the "2010 Wikimedia Study of Controversial Content." Since then, after growing opposition by some Wikipedians, some board members have made it clear that they do not expect this filter to be finished and installed. Nevertheless, as TFA makes clear, Wikipedia continues to host an enormous amount of extremely gross porn and other material most parents don't want their kids stumbling across. And this content is some of the website's most-accessed. Nevertheless, children remain some of Wikipedia's heaviest users. Jimmy Wales has recently reiterated his support for such a filter, but no work is being done on it, and the Foundation has not yet issued any statement about whether they intend to continue work on it."

Submission + - Space Quest creators reunite for a new game after a 20 year hiatus (kickstarter.com) 1

flyingmonkfish writes: "Remember the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Questseries? Yes, back in the day before live Internet pr0n. With the original IP tied up in a giant Activision-Gordian-Knot, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ("The Two Guys from Andromeda"), the creators of SQ, have set up their own indie studio to invent a whole new hilarious universe, new characters, and puzzles; maybe respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered. They sure aren't telling us what they'll do, so don't sue us if it turns out to be a space themed version of Animal Crossing! SpaceVenture is rumoured to lambaste sci-fi franchises, and the team claims that none are safe, including Doctor Who, Stargate, Avatar, and others. One thing is certain, they'll make fun of YOU. They've lined up an all-star voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (off-camera voice on "Funniest Pets and People"), Ellen McLain (cut-scenes on Godzilla: Unleashed), and radio legend Gary Owens (pre-recorded station ID announcer for CHPQ-FM). It's being promoted with a blog, podcasts, videos, live chats,and fan efforts including SQ marathons,comics, and fan videos. Sex tape coming soon. Best of all, as funding milestones are reached the team releases Chrome Web Store exclusive prototypes; somewhat playable concept art demonstrating how l33t their HTML5 sk1lzz are! The Kickstarter project targets everything under the sun — PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android, none of them well — for release and includes expensive swag and rewards that can land you in the game itself — for the price of a nice car. So go on and look if you're a diehard fan of adventure games with sci-fi parody — yes, the two of you. Did we mention we're desperate? Funding has bottomed out so we're now down to desperate measures and running on fumes. WE NEED YOUR HELP!"
Operating Systems

OpenSUSE 11.3 Is Here 156

lukehashj writes "The openSUSE Project is pleased to announce the release of the latest incarnation of openSUSE, with support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. OpenSUSE 11.3 is packed with new features and updates including SpiderOak to sync your files across the Internet for free, Rosegarden for free editing of your audio files, improved indexing with Tracker, and updates to Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird."

Mega Man 10 Confirmed For WiiWare 104

The upcoming issue of Nintendo Power revealed that Capcom is working on Mega Man 10 for a release via WiiWare sometime in the future. "Like Mega Man 9 (released for WiiWare in 2008), Mega Man 10 remains true to the series's roots with 8-bit-style graphics and sound, and tried-and-true Mega Man gameplay." According to the early look at Nintendo Power's article, the game may include an easier difficulty mode, likely inspired by complaints that the previous game was too hard. It also previews one of the new bosses, who is apparently called "Sheep Man." Make of that what you wool.

Comment slackware linux 2.1 1995 (Score 1) 739

I did the install and the first few things I remember doing were configuring a script to use my modem. Dialing my friend up and using ytalk to chat while rebuilding the kernel to get my video driver and sound card working so I could use X and Netscape.

Now days the installer does everything for you except wireless well. I still have some problems with soundcards and video cards in this modern era but it is mostly due to closed source drivers and not having configured the kernel wrong.


TomTom Sues Microsoft For Patent Infringement 166

CWmike writes "GPS device maker TomTom has shot back at Microsoft with a claim of patent infringement, after the software giant raised concerns in the Linux community with a recent lawsuit against TomTom. In a suit filed earlier this week, TomTom alleges that Microsoft infringes on four patents in mapping software Microsoft Streets and Trips. TomTom is asking for triple damages for willful infringement, since it says it had notified Microsoft about its alleged infringement. Microsoft said it was reviewing TomTom's filing and that it remains committed to a licensing solution and has been for more than a year."

UK Government Plans 10-Year Database of Citizens' Travel 289

moderators_are_w*nke writes "The UK government is planning yet another database to track its citizens, this time keeping track of their movements in and out of the country for ten years. Just like all their other databases, this one 'is essential in the fight against crime, illegal immigration and [of course] terrorism.'" I'd be very surprised if the US is not already doing this, and just not making a point to let anyone know.

SUSE Studio — Linux Customization For the Masses 126

apokryphos writes "Novell just released the first alpha of SUSE Studio (screencast), which provides an easy way to customize your own Linux distribution with the software and configuration you want. Among other things, you can spin a Live CD, a USB image, or create a VMware image. It builds upon the already established openSUSE Build Service and KIWI imaging system."

Majel Roddenberry Dies At 76 356

unassimilatible writes "If there was ever a sad day for nerds, it's today, as Majel Barrett-Rodenberry has passed away. The widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry is best remembered as the gorgeous Nurse Christine Chapel from the original series, the pesky and officious Lwaxana Troi from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, and of course the ubiquitous voice of Star Trek computers in movies, TV, and animated films (who hasn't used her voice as a system sound on their PC?). Majel also attended Star Trek conventions yearly and was a producer of Andromeda. Fortunately, Majel just finished her voice over work for the computers in J.J. Abrams' latest Trek movie. I have to admit, this made me sad, just having caught up on the entire TNG and DS9 series on DVD."

Street Fighter HD Remix Launches With Fan-Made Soundtrack 44

djpretzel writes "OC ReMix just released a free download of our official soundtrack to Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. While video game companies have worked with fans in the past, HD Remix is the first major video game with a completely fan-made soundtrack. More than twenty gamers from around the world contributed remixes of the original Street Fighter games' music for inclusion in the updated game, in styles including jazz, hip-hop, reggaeton, spaghetti western, garage rock, big beat and electronica. MP3s and a torrent (also including FLAC) are available at OCReMix."

Hacker Uncovers Chinese Olympic Fraud 1275

SkeptOlympics writes "A new chapter in the ongoing controversy surrounding China's women's gymnastics team opened today, as search engine hacker stryde.hax found surviving copies of official registration documents issued by China's General Administration of Sport of China. The incriminating documents, expunged by censors from the official site and from Google's document cache, still appear in the document translation cache of Chinese search giant Baidu, here (1) and here (2), showing the age of one of China's gold medal winning gymnasts to be 14 instead of 16, the minimum age for competition presented on her government-issued passport. Now that official government documentation is available, how long will the IOC be able to keep a lid on this scandal?" I imagine the answer is "Forever."

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