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Comment Re:Please Don't Ignore the Desktop (Score 1) 191

Not yet. I found some posts from people having similar issues. A fairly recent one is An older one that suggests an about:config tweak is I've always fixed it by restarting Firefox, which sometimes also requires killing the process.

To be fair, I don't know for a fact that my issue is directly related to RAM usage. It was just something I noticed the last couple times I tried to troubleshoot the problem. Right now I'm using ~845MB with no apparent issues. It hasn't happened in about a week. If it starts happening again, I'll file a report.

Comment Please Don't Ignore the Desktop (Score 1) 191

I wish they'd do something about the fact that Firefox on PC starts timing out on me when it reaches about 1GB of RAM. Besides the fact that I do 90% of my browsing on a desktop, performance problems on a high-end machine don't inspire confidence that it'll fare well on a Raspberry Pi.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 365

I'm guessing you're not a programmer by trade? I've read plenty of code that was easy to understand. Don't ignore the likely possibility that a program's unreadability is the fault of the writer, not the language. The same programmer writing in plain English could easily fail to express the logic correctly to other people, let alone a compiler.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 365

Well said. The computer industry has suffered decades of marketing speak about applications that are supposed to make it possible to program without being a programmer. Best case scenario, they become tools that are primarily used by programmers (example: SQL). Worst case, they become widely despised albatrosses (example: Cold Fusion).

Comment A DIY Expansion Cartridge for a C-64 (Score 3, Interesting) 210

Back in the 90s I still had a Commodore 64 with a MIDI controller that plugged into the joystick port. I made a homebrew cartridge with an analog sampler chip that plugged into the Commodore's expansion slot. All the parts came from Radio Shack, including the chip. I wrote a program that allowed me to record samples and control playback from a keyboard plugged into the MIDI controller. Eventually I intended to add options to save and load MIDI sequences.

Unfortunately, I was a little too cavalier while tinkering with the cartridge. After making a few tweaks to the circuitry in an attempt to reduce noise, I powered on the Commodore and immediately fried the motherboard.

Comment Re:Work For Hire (Score 1) 353

Additionally if you *LOOK* at your employment contract you will find that *ALL* the work you do while *EMPLOYED* by your employer is *OWNED* by your employer *INCLUDING* the work you do at while *NOT AT WORK* if the work you are doing is *RELATED IN ANY WAY* to the business your employer is in or *MAY BE CONSIDERING TO ENGAGE IN*.

Are contracts like that really common? I've only encountered one NCA that was anywhere near that level of repulsiveness, and I just refused to sign it.

Comment Re:Wanna earn $200K+? Two words... (Score 1) 473

As other posters have commented, there's a wide range between "small town" and "major city." Many cities with populations around or below 1 million have vibrant communities and relatively low costs of living. In one of Ohio's larger cities, I'm able to own a cape cod in a nice neighborhood on an income below $100k.

Not gonna knock New York and LA here. Just saying, midsized cities can have their benefits, too.

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