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Comment Now what? (Score 1) 430

Ok so they changed the definition of what "broadband" is. Now the question is what will they do to help all those who have no access to high speed internet? Or those who are stuck with the crappy DSL services that run on copper networks that provided like Verizon let degrade? I don't see how changing this definition will help the situation of the sub par internet servicesin the US. Big deal Verizon can't call their DSL "Broadband" anymore, they will use a new term and nothing will change.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 135

I'd rather Google come in and bust the telecom monopoly in my home town where I have a choice between Verizon FiOS and Comcast Xfinity ... if you want to call that a choice. The lesser of the evils is Verizon FiOS. At least the FiOS is truly fiber optic!

I'm right there with ya, only the monopoly in my area is shitty Verizon DSL, talk about being stuck with a single bad choice.

Comment My VA internet SUCKS (Score 1) 98

Where I live in VA the internet options are HORRIBLE. Verizon DSL has a complete monopoly on the area, charging over $40/month for speeds of only 2.5mbps. Their customer service is on par with Cox cable any time my internet has issues it's a 2-3 month hassle to get it finally fixed, last time I had to contact the BBB in order to get my issues resolved. Worse thing is from what I hear Fiber has been run through the area it's just not being used, I guess Verizon doesn't want to provide faster internet when everybody is left with the choice of dial up or over priced DSL through them.

Comment What about the US infrastructure? (Score 1) 174

Maybe they should focus on fixing the extremely broke internet infrastructure we have here in the US, Both our internet speeds AND prices are much worse than many other countries. Add that to the fact there are still alot of people in the US who's only available internet is dial up, Basic DSL or satellite internet and that just shows how messed up our own infrastructure is. So before they go off and try to fix the rest of the worlds internet problems maybe they should tackle a smaller project, see if they can help provide both good AND affordable internet to more people in this country because if they cant even get their own counties overpriced internet sorted out how can they solve every one else's internet issues. I'm sorry but if your in a country that has people being charged $30 for crappy quality basic DSL I don't think you are in a position to try and help provide FREE internet for billions of people that have none.

Music By Natural Selection 164

maccallr writes "The DarwinTunes experiment needs you! Using an evolutionary algorithm and the ears of you the general public, we've been evolving a four bar loop that started out as pretty dismal primordial auditory soup and now after >27k ratings and 200 generations is sounding pretty good. Given that the only ingredients are sine waves, we're impressed. We got some coverage in the New Scientist CultureLab blog but now things have gone quiet and we'd really appreciate some Slashdotter idle time. We recently upped the maximum 'genome size' and we think that the music is already benefiting from the change."

Best Man Rigs Newlyweds' Bed To Tweet During Sex 272

When an UK man was asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding he agreed that he would not pull any pranks before or during the ceremony. Now the groom wishes he had extended the agreement to after the blessed occasion as well. The best man snuck into the newlyweds' house while they were away on their honeymoon and placed a pressure-sensitive device under their mattress. The device now automatically tweets when the couple have sex. The updates include the length of activity and how vigorous the act was on a scale of 1-10.

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