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Input Devices

Submission + - DIY mid-air pointing device

Werner Heuser writes: "From Linuxdevices: "Three researchers at Microsoft Research have created an innovative handheld pointing device that works in mid-air. "Soap", which resembles a bar of soap, is based on hardware found in a common wireless optical mouse, and is relatively easy to make, according to its inventors. Imagine numerous situations in which one might wish to control an appliance while standing or walking, for example, when giving a slide presentation or interacting with a wall-sized display...". There is a YouTube video showing the Soap in action and detailed instructions to make your own Soap."

Where Should I Get My Job Interview Code Samples? 249

crlove asks: "I'm preparing for an upcoming job interview and my interviewer will want to see some code samples. Unfortunately, all of the coding I've done work-wise since college is not only proprietary, but often classified. To be honest, with long days at work and a busy life outside of it, I haven't had much time to code on my own. So, what should I show my interviewer? Should I start working up some code samples? If so, what would be considered sufficiently complex to take to an interview?"

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