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Comment Scare-tactics.... (Score 1, Informative) 416

just googled it because I wanted to know what the hottest temps were within this 11000 year period. results http://goo.gl/FpzFH .....Some news sites are using this same data and claiming it to be hotter than it has been in the last 11k years....... The people that want us to believe the lie that is MANmade global warming know that perception = reality. If they can spew enough lies and claims it does not matter if they are actually true. There are idiots everywhere that will believe it.

Comment Man-Made Global Warming vs Natural Climate change? (Score 2) 416

Yeah when we discuss global warming I think it is a great idea to ignore the fact that the Earth was much warmer before the Ice Ages. Yeah we can all agree there was some event that helped put the earth into an Ice Age but why hasn't anyone ever asked if It was warmer here before the Ice Age wouldn't it be almost natural to expect the Earth to gradually return to what it was before the event before man was here to supposedly create a problem we refer to as "global warming". Almost like a spinning top a slight jolt can cause its motion to be erratic but it eventually rights itself? So again the model is Really Warm (dino era) >>>>Big Event makes it cold>>>> gradually the earth is returning to what it once was. IMO it would probably do this with or without us. We just want to pretend that since it is better for us the way it is now that this just has to be how it is supposed to remain forever

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