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Comment Re:Lessig on what plex is really important (Score 1, Insightful) 106

Now tha'ts just silly. there are tens of thousands of Microsoft development partners around the world, and developing modifications to Microsoft products is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every product the sell has a robust API.

I've competed against Microsoft products relentlessly for the last 17 years, but the very first thing they are guaranteed to do on any project is create an extension API and provide thorough documentation on it.

Comment Re:If LotusLive iNotes is in any way based on (Score 2, Informative) 171

"maybe my corporate IT dept. has borked their standard image"

Not exactly, but it is they're fault. Here's the scoop...

1) The entire Notes 8.x codestream is now an Eclipse RCP application.
2) Eclipse is incredibly powerful and flexible. It's also a huge collection of JAR files that have to be unzipped to run.
3) You anti-virus software is probably configured to scan every one of those JARs every time they're accessed.
4) Like every Windows machine on the planet, your drive is probably also highly fragmented. Because the Notes client is quite bulky in terms of individual files for execution (about 7,000 Features & Plugins at last count) it benefits quite a bit from defragmentation. Try it over the weekend.

Mr. Haynes is quite right that the Linux client is blazing fast. So is the Mac client, especially the new 8.5.1 version that is about to ship. (I'm on the beta.) It's Windows that truly suffers from the many-small-files modularity that the client now has.

Comment Re:Nothing secret here (Score 1) 226

"What's this building that I'm driving past for 5 minutes on the freeway?"

Assuming it's a one-story facility, a million sq ft means 1000 ft per side, or about 1/5 of a mile. 5 minutes is 300 seconds, so you'd have to be driving at a speed of about 3.3 feet per second, or about 2.25 MPH.

In which case, please get the hell off my freeway kthx.

Comment wha wha WHAT? (Score 1) 560 what's new online!
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Comment Re:Let's think of what makes no sense in this movi (Score 1) 592

Not the best comparison, but...

"At the start of the Civil War, Custer was a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and his class's graduation was accelerated so that they could enter the war. Custer graduated last in his class and served at the First Battle of Bull Run as a staff officer for Major General George B. McClellan. Early in the Gettysburg Campaign, Custer's association with cavalry commander Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton earned him a promotion from first lieutenant to brigadier general of volunteers at the age of 23."

Comment Re:How about, "I haven't seen it and don't care" (Score 1) 592

So you reject all content produced from the Hollywood studio system just because it's produced by the Hollywood studio system? Way to judge culture by its merits!

Perhaps you think all blondes are dumb and blacks play basketball.

Y'know, some of us experience culture to enrich our vision of what's possible in the world. And science fiction in particular to encourage us to consider the outrageous and impossible as possible; perhaps even desirable.

What a closed, dreamless life you must have.

Comment Re:Enjoyed it until I started thinking... (Score 1) 592

"the Enterprise was crewed with competent career professionals"

I'm sorry, did you ever actually WATCH any of TOS? Kirk was always an unprofessional hotdog. He placed himself in the most dangerous situations time after time. He was so unprofessional they made jokes about it in the later series.

The character of James T. Kirk is not supposed to be the kind of institutional success that would really occur in a ranked military organization. He's supposed to be the brash superstar who wins through unconventional thinking and quick action.

Why do they movies about that? Because making movies about 50-year old captains who work hard and climb through the ranks and act like CEOs are boring. They only work in romantic dramas. And I doubt that people want to see Star Trek: Nights in Rondanthe.

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