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Comment Re:All I have to say is: (Score 1) 821

I was LOL'ing at the ginger part namely because I was thinking of South Park and how all gingers are evil lol...but on a side note, I am a parent and I do not agree with the PTC or anything that trys to dictate how I raise my kids. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with a show called Shit My Dad though I was one that thought it was Fuck My Dad. This is all and all just wrong and more people just trying to say what they think is right and if you disagree well thats just too bad.

Comment Maybe its just me (Score 1) 340

But, I was thinking, is it not possible that maybe someone from MYTH actually works at R* now??? Maybe not but still everyone is claiming hypocrisy and the like but why complain. They removed the DRM so that the software could be distributed via STEAM for people to play. If nothing else, they did people a service. I don't know but it just seams that this is a good thing as it proves to companies that DRM gets in the way of them making money and if those who are gonna get it some other way are going to do it regardless of DRM maybe the companies are finally learning. I know all this is doubtful but honestly I do feel like companies are starting to learn that the people who pay for games will always pay regardless and no matter what protection you put on a game, pirates are always going to crack it and distribute it for free.

Comment Re:Obsurd (Score 1) 804

Valid point, but it comes back to where does it end, and why is this being allowed to happen? Why did no one in the school stand up and say this is wrong? Covering their ass would have been someone saying this is a mistake lets not do this, now they are just being petty and saying well its a reg that you can not have candy.

Comment Obsurd (Score 1) 804

This has to be the most obsurd story I have ever seen. Honestly to say that we are banning all minimal nutrition foods, is rediculous. Why is it this country has started to give the Gov't so much power that now they decide what we are and aren't allowed to eat, and where we are going to eat it at? I know I love candy and hell in my old h/s the band kids sold some phenomenal chocolate chip cookies. We even had a snack line that you could get candy. What are the fundraisers now gonna be well were not gonna sell cookies or chocolate, we selling vegetables from now on and maybe some fruit. Seriously this is just rediculous. I don't blame the kid or the parents or even the kid that gave the candy to the girl. I would just skip detention and let them suspend my kid for however many days they want. This is just ludicrous. Hell even my kid whos 2 gets to eat chocolate and such every now and again. Its not like he gets it every day but really to have the gov't or the school or whomever step in and say its illegal is WRONG!

Comment Maybe I'm the Minority (Score 1) 462

OK, so I am probably one of the few that doesn't play an FPS for the solo missions, as I strictly play MW and MW2 for the online multiplayer deathmatch scenarios, its just my flavor. The only 2 games I have actually completed as of late are Dragonage: Origins and FF XIII, Dragonage was a bit long but I created several different characters until I found the moveset and story line that I liked. FFXIII was fun in that it was linear and honestly doesn't take to incredibly long to beat. The only gripe I have for FFXIII is the leveling system. You can't even max out your characters until AFTER you beat the game. Now I did find that story intriguing as well and it definately was fun to beat but after I was done, i just have no urge to grind on the same monsters over and over just to get a few trophies or achievements depending on your system of choice. So in turn it depends on your style of gaming I am a console gamer who enjoys FPS for the online multiplayer deathmatches, and RPG's for the intriguing storylines and gameplay.

Comment Re:Imaginary problem (Score 1) 51

OK you want to know an example, how bout the constant attacks on DOD and DOE systems from china, that are not publicly published all the time. The US infrastructure is a huge vulnerability and if the right person(s) were hired to do the job we could be seeing a sever outage of gas, power, and yes even the internet itself in the US. Lets think now, most companies are moving to web-based apps as a way of providing more for less. Records are mostly stored on servers anymore and not so much in hardcopy form. There are countless things we would need power for and if someone were to take out huge chunks of the power grid the results though may not cause extreme physical harm, unless followed up by another attack, could cause the loss of millions of dollars for companies. I'm not talking take out one source, I am saying multiple sources of power and energy all at the same time. Following that up with any type of physical attack would be even worse. So all they are doing is preparing for a worse case scenario and talking about how they can better harden their networks. Cyberwarfare is real and it is a threat, don't ever think it doesn't exist. Because though you may not recall it the Internet was down for a time in our history as was Google, and other services that society is coming to rely on. And though some of us could get a long without technology, others have it so intwined in their lives, that they just might lose their minds if they lost it.

Comment Re:PEBKC (Score 2, Insightful) 51

Your right that the "chair" in question is necessarily the one that the user is sitting in, however you make it sound as if the OP by Agarax is is wrong when its not. For as much as you harden a network and lock it down and secure everything those issues where some user looks at an e-mail and says sure i'll visit your BOA page and input all my information again because well you apparently need it, come on. I have work on secure facilities where things were locked down tighter on the network than fort knox and yet still a user managed to get some form of malware on the network. It happens, unless you completely take away use of the internet from users which by the way I dont recommend as it makes for a very unhappy workplace. However, Antique Geekmeister you aren't wrong either as security through obscurity and just all around poor physical security and network security could also cause as much damage. So as we step back and look at this, we can't blame any single person because depending on what the vulnerability is that was exploited is truly what dictates where the problem started.

Comment IT Tech POV (Score 2, Insightful) 549

I have to say that just but reading the article and the way things seem to be going in the IT field just on support I can see where he is coming from. I myself have put to use google docs as a way of storing my files so that I can access them anywhere. Cloud Computing is definately penetrating the IT industry in its entirety. Apple's stance on this and their fear of everything is understood, as is everyones fear of the change. Many companies will change with the times, but can we honestly say that PC's are going to go away and the revolution is over? There are still many flaws in making things available over the cloud and a lot of companies would rather have the ability to maintain their own information as opposed to putting it on the cloud and losing control over the hardware and software that maintains it. Most will not trust the security of the cloud over the ability to run NIDS and other such devices to secure their own networks and files. So a valid fear yes, unsubtantiated no, but is it truly going to take over and make pc's secondary any time soon, doubtful.

Comment Re:What for? (Score -1, Flamebait) 78

Opera has not been relevant for quite some time, except for when I used opera mini on my bb some time ago I have not used it since. Especially since FF is releasing Fennec to the Android, and on top of that I use Google Chrome, FF, and IE8 on my PC's. So Opera has been surpassed by the Browser Market and now by buying the e-mail client they are trying to gain some ground, which I do not see happening. On a side not, there is also the Safari browser which I know a lot of people use, so honestly Opera is just limping along when it should probably just be bought out by someone who has a good foothold on the browser and e-mail market.

Comment Agree on Many counts (Score 1) 555

In this case I have to agree with what many people have said already. I have been with DOD and DOE, as well as other companies that deal with PII and HIPAA. If they are not willing to provide you with a laptop for work use at home then I wouldn't be doing work at home. Every company I have worked for that has its employees on a lease at all times provides the equipment for them especially when it comes to full-disk encryption. Also they have supplied blackberries and run a BES. The DOD makes it clear that if you come across any information above Unclass they reserve the right to confiscate your machine and your HDD. That is the risk you take even though you should be receiving any info above unclass on an unclass machine it is a risk none the less. So in turn I do agree with much that has already been said, have them provide you with a computer to do work at home or some other device or simply don't work from home. It is their network so they can impose any policies they want for the protection of said network but you also dont have to work from home if they aren't providing you with the means to do it.

Comment Re:This can be good... or bad (Score 1) 174

I can understand that, there was an article just the other day that I wish I could cite, that said the good and bad of every phone in the Enterprise world. The two leaders to date as far as security and how well they protect information and work within the enterprise were Windows Mobile 7 and Blackberries. So though BES is getting worse and Android is growing, they were still one of the worst phones for use in an enterprise environment. I can see that changing in the near future as it is opensource and with all the apps that are coming out and developers that would like to use this in an enterprise.

Comment Re:I swear.... (Score 1) 756

I agree with much that has been said on the fact that PARENTS have to be responsible for what their kids eat. I for one am a parent and sure on occasion i'll stop and grab some BK or McDonalds for my son but honestly I feel your right shakrai. Parents aren't taking their kids to fast food places for the toy they are doing it because of the time it takes to prepare a meal. My fiance and I both work and yet we still find time at night to cook dinner for us and our son. America is the most obese nation and it is because everyone is getting to damn lazy to make dinner. Its all about instant gratification and hell if i can have someone else make my food for me why not pay the extra money to have it done. I for one don't want the Gov't telling me how to live my life and taxing or banning things just to use the excuse of well "its bad for you, so this is our way to make you quit." Sorry but I still smoke, still drink, and still drink pop. So all this banning and taxing of things because well you should quit so lets make it so you can't afford it is BS. */end rant/* But yes it is the PARENTS responsibility to dictate what your kids eat and how much they eat.

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